‘You can keep your ha– Wristband on’

Sorry if you’re now stuck with the Tom Jones classic in your head. I was trying to come up with a title for Blue September – Prostate Cancer Awareness – when I remembered a few months back the Full Monty (not the film version) was on ITV to raise awareness of the illness. Couldn’t resist.


So, it’s coming up to September and if you’ve checked out our blog recently, you’ll know we’re looking into Charity and Raise Awareness Events. September is full of them, however this one drew my particular attention because it’s a sensitive subject for men to think about, let alone talk about.


But did you know that 1 in 8 men in the UK will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives and that it is the most common cancer in men?

According to Prostate Cancer UK, over 47,000 men in the UK (around 40,000 of them in England alone) are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. That’s a hell of a number. And if people aren’t talking about it, then others can’t help with doing something about it.


Raising Awareness has never been easier with the likes of social media, but that doesn’t stop other methods from bringing in more audience members. Word of mouth, for example, is still the best marketing tool and with extras like t-shirts, pens, key-chains, and wristbands, the cause is passed on to new and different audiences. For example, Prostate Cancer affects men over 50 and the likes of Twitter and Facebook aren’t necessarily in their daily routine. Talking to people and listening to the radio, shopping and community clubs are more likely to appeal to them; so little merchandises that they can see out and about is more likely to catch their attention.


In regards to wristbands, I’ve been researching Cancer Colours to make sure your Prostate Awareness Wristbands are the right shade. Silicone bands are excellent for charities and fundraisers because you can colour match to specific pantone shades. Prostate Cancer has a representative colour of a light blue shade, which is Pantone Blue C (as per Prostate Cancer UK website).


Online Orders – Single Colour Silicone Awareness Bands

Since most of our shopping is online now, I’d like to point out that custom silicone orders on our website are one colour print only. You can design your own personal band by using our online designer or upload your own artwork.*


Office Orders – Choose Your Limit

If you’re looking for a custom silicone band with more than one colour then your best option is to speak to a sales team member. We can advise you on the cheapest options, pantone colours and the sizes of bands available without fuss; guiding you through the process from enquiry to completion.


Don’t Ignore the Facts

September is not that long away and with custom silicone bands taking 2-3 weeks to produce, orders will need to be placed soon. For more information on customisation types, size options and designs, please contact our team. It’s what we’re here for.


*Please check the copyright on branded logos before uploading your artwork.