School Leavers Yearbook Wristbands

School leaving traditions have changed some over the years. Gone are the days when you’d scribble your name in marker on your friend’s shirt. Now it’s all about the yearbook and having your name on a custom jersey that costs a small fortune. But what if there was a cheaper alternative?


Festival season always gets us thinking of new ways wristbands can be used creatively and are unique to our customers. Think back to when you’d draw your face on a tea towel for your mum. She never used it. It goes in a draw, then a box and eventually you’ll get it back and think, what the hell am I suppose to do with this? Perhaps that’s where we’re going wrong? Maybe we should cater the end of year memorabilia to the actual individual leaving; give them something they can use as opposed to sending them out with something for their parents, which will sit in a draw collecting dust?


Why Wristbands?

Well, we thought on this. Why would young people like a keepsake wristband? For starters, it’s something that they can wear (so it will actually get used!) and second, it’s also something they can keep. They could even design the final artwork on the wristband. Fabric wristbands are unobtrusive; they’re smooth, showerproof and gentle on skin. Especially if you opt for full colour dye-sub wristbands. Not sure what the difference between woven designs and dye-sublimation, take a look below to find out.


Choosing a Fabric Type

There are two main types of fabric you can use and it all depends on how the wristband is created.


Woven Designs

Cheaper & often found on a festival-goer’s wrist.

Solid coloured / dyed yarn is woven together to make a full band. The end wristband is therefore polyester. It cannot contain more than 8 colours due to machinery and cannot feature gradients as it is made from solid colours. That’s not to say it cannot be colourful and detailed… Keep your colour quantity low, but put a pattern as your background and you’ll be surprised at the result.


Dye-Sublimated Designa

Dye Sub bands are either satin or ribbon type wristbands. Unlike woven where you’re whole band including the base is created from scratch using individual lengths of yarn, dye-sub is a lot simpler. Your design is printed directly on top of the fabric base via heat-transfer. You can therefore have gradients and fine details on these bands. Excellent for copying your pupils’ designs onto fabric.


Design Ideas

There isn’t a restriction on how many font types you can use in one design or how many graphics are on the band. So, be creative!

  • Use School Colours
  • Include School Logo
  • Each form could have a design
  • Use different fonts for individuals
  • Feature graphics particular to your school or year group


Artwork Requirements

Full artwork guidelines are on our website, but see below for a quick overview:


Acceptable Files:
  • 50 KB min. 6MB max.
  • Send as an attachment and not embedded in an email.
Vectors (preferred)
  • ai, eps, editable pdf
  • All fonts must be outlined
  • tiff, high-res jpeg, png
  • Original font files must be attached



Production Times & Deliveries

Custom fabric order have an estimated production time of 2-3 weeks depending on quantity. Check our delivery page and our FAQs for more information if you’re ordering online.


Payment Methods

Online orders are upfront payment only. Please do not order online if you require sales invoice, but contact us using one of the links below.


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