Wristbands & Weddings

It’s the start of February and with a new month comes a new topic: Weddings.


Weddings are a huge event and, honestly, they can be hard work for everyone involved in the planning stage. There’s who to invite – there’s always a family argument on how many to invite on each side – to who’s organising the hen and stag? Where’s the ceremony even taking place? Is it going to be traditional or conventional?


Then there’s the actual event preparations

  • Colour themes
  • Flowers
  • Tux or suit?
  • Bridesmaid dresses (suitable to fit all different shapes and sizes and still look pretty)
  • Dress.
  • Confetti alternatives (bubbles work really well and little guests love them)
  • Party favours
  • Kids goodie-bag
  • The cake (traditional fruit, plain sponge or daring chocolate?)
  • Etc…

There’s just too much to think of all at once, which is why a wedding fair is the best place to visit. And visit early!


There is never enough time when you’re working to an event deadline, especially with a wedding. The first local wedding fair this month is The Suffolk Wedding Show in Ipswich on Sunday 25th February, so you may want to plan a little trip. The show is in its 12th year and with over 500 couples visiting every year, the figures just prove how important forward planning is. Entrance and parking are free (though donations for children charities are most welcomed) and there are over 60 exhibit stands for you to explore.


You may be wondering why a wristband company is interested in making sure your wedding runs smoothly. Well, we’ll explain:

Festival weddings are becoming extremely popular for couples planning their big day. They’re fun, relaxed and less formal than the traditional church wedding, which means the whole family can get involved in the fun (it’s not uncommon for male family members to moan about getting in a ‘penguin’ suit).

If you’re planning a festival themed wedding then festival wristbands are essential in keeping in with the theme. Our festival wristbands are made from our fabric ranges and are usually woven (dye-sublimated wristbands are available through the office) and can be viewed and designed online on our website. Woven wristbands can be customised in up to 8 colours and can include lurex glitter yarn to add that extra sparkle to your day.

It’s not just the wedding that requires a wristband. Wristbands are great accessories for hen and stag parties, with the lurex gold and silver glitter wristbands a nice touch to your night out.

Whether your wedding involves a festival theme or you’re simply after party bands for your ‘last night of freedom’ (cliché phrase, but you try coming up with something better), why not take a look at our website and see if the fabric wristbands are for you. Don’t forget, forward planning is key and with fabric wristbands, lead-times range from 2-3 weeks once your artwork has been designed and approved and payment has been made. Further information on how to design your festival wedding bands will be posted later in the year.