Wristbands for your January Sale

Thinking of offering a discount on your product, event, facilities or festivities?

Here’s what you need to know.


Give your guests the VIP treatment.

Make sale events easier with wristbands designed specifically for your attendees. The wristbands can be functional wear or a decorative piece. It’s a bit like VIP treatment. By separating guests who are specifically in attendance for a sale or have paid for an event via a sale, you’re automatically given them a sense of importance. Design wristbands of different colours, font and graphics to give them the full sense of superiority. (Even if the text only sales YOUR COMPANY Sale!)


Make your sales experience stress free.

Have you ever been shopping in the sales? It’s a nightmare.

You get given several pieces of paper with discount codes or barcodes on them and are expected to put them in a safe place; along with all the others and be expected to remember where that said place is and produce the right flyer when you’re already stressing at the till.


Go Green

Why not cut the paper stash and swap flyers for wristbands? It’s less paper and with our Tyvek litter free option, you don’t get any wastage when securing the bands. If you want to go completely environmentally friendly with your wristband product, contact our office here about PET fabric wristbands.

PET fabric wristbands are made from recycled plastic and come with a bamboo slide-on bead. While they’re not secure like our tyvek wristbands, the PET fabric is better for the environment and if you do need the wristbands to be secure, we can offer a metal closure (closing tool required to secure). PET fabric wristbands are full colour print, recyclable and are only available through our sales office. Contact us via email to get your quote.


Make your wristbands functional

Can you imagine how easy it would be to walk up to the counter, entrance podium or bar and show your wristband instead of fumbling around for a printed voucher? Your wristbands can have everything you need printed on them from readable barcodes to scannable QR codes. (Don’t forget Sequential Numbering.)


Or keep things decorative

If you are looking for cheaper options and are not overly fussed whether your barcode is scannable, why not have a fake barcode printed on your wristband to deter counterfeits?


Can you imagine if all sale events were stress-free? Design and order your wristbands in time to promote and organise your sale now and receive the praise from your attendees when you offer them the best, easiest and calm sales experience to date.


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