Wristbands for World Book Day

This Thursday is World Book Day; the perfect excuse for us to discuss themed wristbands.


We love a theme, don’t you? It gives you a concept to work with. Sometimes you can get lost in the process and as a result, the end product becomes something entirely different. However, in our line of work, themes are great for our designers. If you provide us with what you want, we get the job done. It’s that simple.

World Book Day is essentially a theme for children because it provides a concept for a creative activity. In this case, the creative activity is playing dress-up. Once your child has found their favourite book (probably the closest one to hand), you get the chance to be creative with their favourite character. Sure, you’re restricted to representing that particular character, but the dressing up process can be rather fun. The activity also gets your creative brain in gear and as a result, your child gets to pretend to be their favourite character for the day. Win/Win.

Themed Wristbands:

If you can provide a theme on the type of wristband you’d like, we can design it for you. Got a Peter Pan theme? No problem. We can produce blue fabric wristbands with Peter’s silhouette flying across the moon next to the shadow of Captain Hook’s pirate ship. Got a safari theme? Why not have a wristband with wild animals on it? Tigers, monkeys, and crocodiles, can all be printed or debossed onto a silicone wristband. Want something quick? 1” full colour tyvek wristbands can be printed on the same day of purchase.


Wristband Activities for Schools Participating in World Book Day

Let’s leave the kids to judge their own peers this World Book Day and let teachers judge pupils’ on their artistic skills instead with a wristband competition.


Wristband Competition:

Our school customers often buy silicone wristbands as achievement bands for good behaviour. 100% Attendance, Reader of the Week, I know my Times Tables, etc… are all popular designs, but  school wristbands can also be a reward for something creative. Why not run a wristband design competition? The children can create their own wristband using one of our wristband templates and have the winner’s design printed on the final product? Wristbands can be used for school plays, concerts, open days, and many more… For more information on how your reward wristbands can be unique to your school and its pupils, contact our sales team to discuss.