Wristbands for Schools

School Inspiration Wristbands

Despite events not running in 2020 and many hospitality venues remaining closed we have been busy here at, PAC Wristbands, supplying silicone wristbands and tyvek to schools all over the UK.

Schools use wristbands for all types of reasons:

  • Awards wristbands for achievement and inspiration
  • Lunch wristbands for identifying dietary requirements
  • Social Distancing wristbands so children can easily identify which bubble they are in
  • Medical wristbands to advise of medicine administered or a minor injury
  • Sport team wristbands to colour code children into school houses

We can offer plain or printed wristbands for all uses with fast delivery and a variety of size for both reception, primary and school school students.

printed school wristbands

We’re proud to be a favoured supplier of school wristbands with many happy customers.

school wristbands review

Contact us today to discuss your school’s requirements.

You can order online or contact us via sales@wristbands.co.uk if you wish to order using a purchase order.