May Day: Wristbands for Local Events & Fundraisers

There’s something to be said about living in the countryside. Besides the lovely scenery, that is.


People tend to think living in a village is like living in the middle of nowhere. You’d be half right. There are houses that are literally in the middle of nowhere, but there are also villages with bustling businesses, schools and communities. The truth is, there is always something going on. Local churches have fundraising events. Schools have plays and parents evenings. Businesses have conference meetings and celebratory events. Retailers have clearance days. There are hobby clubs, themed seasonal classes, and sports clubs.

This Wednesday is 1st May (May Day). Local schools and village communities will be putting up their Maypole and ribbons. School fairs will be popping up around various villages this spring, with our local Suffolk schools going as far as to host Morris dancers.


How can you use wristbands for your May Day Event?

There can be many activities going on in one event. Some typical school fair activities can be found below. Most of the events on May Day are related to fundraising in some way. Schools charge parents for the use of Bouncy Castles or baking goods to raise funds for pupil’s equipment. Churches rely on donations from tea and coffee mornings, bake sales or opening up their church for guided tours.


Typical School Fair Activities:


  • Hook a Duck
  • Throw the beanbag in the bucket
  • Maypole dancing
  • Hula Hoop Competitions
  • Fair rides
  • Pop up stalls
  • Bouncy Castles / Slides


Using Wristbands for Your Fundraiser:

Wristbands designated to partakers provides a guaranteed donation to help develop the community behind the fundraiser. Entry wristbands, such as paper wristbands, are cheap and can be bought in mass bulks. There are multiple colour choices and you can write on them to save money for the fundraiser. By issuing an entry wristband at a small cost to participants, there is certainty that your event will raise money.

If you prefer the free entry routine, that’s also fine. You can charge extra for wristbands that will work as tickets to join in certain activities. For example, your guests could enter your May Day event for free, but children would require a wristband to use the bouncy castles or fair rides.


Local Businesses, Institutes & Hospitality Groups to benefit from Wristbands, Lanyards & Passes:


  • Pubs
  • Churches
  • Village halls
  • Sports clubs
  • Children’s clubs
  • Social clubs



With 25 years of experience in the event printing industry, we like to think we have the experience to help all our customers. We’ve seen wristbands evolve over the years, from paper to vinyl, and now to fabric and silicone with RFID cards. The beauty with wristbands, lanyards and passes is they can be used for various events. Order generic products and you can reuse them for other events that promote your business / institute. See our products below.


Staff & Volunteer Lanyards & Passes:

Wristbands aren’t the only product that can be useful for May Day events & fundraisers. Lanyards and passes come in handy for staff, crew, or medical assistants. Much the same as wristbands, you can order plain lanyards to suit your needs. However, you can also order pre-printed generic lanyards with the type ‘Staff’, ‘Crew’, ‘Artist’, ‘VIP’, etc. already on the lanyard. Prices on our pre-printed lanyards can be found here.

Passes are made to order. We will supply artwork if needed and prices are available through the office here.


PAC Products:


  • Help keep your May Day event running smoothly
  • Highlights Staff & Medical Assistants
  • Entry wristbands (Tyvek or Vinyl) that are secure (cannot be removed without scissors)
  • Tabbed Vinyl wristbands can offer free drink services with removable printable tabs
  • Keep the memory of your fundraiser alive with keepsake wristbands (Fabric or Silicone)


 Have a lovely May Day Everyone!