Wristbands for Celebratory Bank Holidays

Showing support for your favourite holiday this coming spring?


It’s not surprising to see plenty of people out on March 17th for St Patrick’s Day. Compared with other celebratory holidays, such as St George’s Day and St Andrew’s Day, St Patrick’s Day is the one people really get behind. Perhaps it’s the guaranteed bank holiday from work or the promise of alcoholic beverages that make it so popular? Nothing wrong in that; the majority of our St Patrick’s Day wristbands are for clubs, pubs and restaurants.


So, what’s the difference between the English, Irish and Scottish holidays?

They’re all important dates in the diary and yet, they are not celebrated in the same way.

  • St George’s Day isn’t a bank holiday in England
  • St Patrick’s is a bank holiday in Ireland
  • St Andrew’s Day is a bank holiday but you have to work it?


History Lesson:

All of the above started out extremely popular however St George’s Day eventually faded out over time, as did St Andrew’s Day. It is only in recent years that the two holidays have started to be celebrated again. St Patrick’s Day surprisingly went the other way. While the English and Scottish traditions were fading, St Patrick’s Day celebrations went from strength to strength; gaining increasing popularity at an alarming rate.



Modern Times:
  • St George’s Day is slowly coming back.
  • St Andrew’s Day became a bank holiday in Scotland in the 2000s.
  • St Patrick’s Day is still going strong with some arguing the traditions of St Patrick’s Day have been lost to the current popularisation of the holiday.


So, how do we celebrate them?

All three are traditionally a feast with entertainment. As previously mentioned, the majority of St Patrick’s Day wristbands are for pubs, clubs and restaurants. That being said, food and entertainment companies are not the only ones to celebrate the holiday. Other sectors are jumping on the bandwagon. Businesses across the UK celebrate differently with some opening their doors for a family fun day, which increases the popularity of the company and drums up further business. Others prefer to promote a holiday sale to grab attention and increase revenue.

With the holidays’ increased popularity, businesses will require a large number of wristbands to order. If such is the case, tyvek wristbands (often referred to as paper wristbands) are a popular choice. Custom printed or plain, these bands are the cheapest and quickest wristbands available. Their popularity is down to their flexibility, from being used simply as an entry wristband, to being a leave and collect later service band.


Use Tyvek wristbands for:


Entry Wristbands – shows who has paid to get in.

Age Wristbands – indicates the age of the wearer and prevents underage activity.

VIP Wristbands – highlights those who have paid for extra facilities or those who receive free admission to otherwise paid attractions.

Bag Collection Wristbands – partners bag with its owner.


For other wristband ideas this St Patrick’s Day, click here. St George’s Day is 23rd April. St Andrew’s Day is 2nd December.