Wristbands for Business Events

How do business and party venues differentiate between different functions?


I was in New York recently and – knowing how busy the Big Apple is – I was surprised to see the crowd of business people at my hotel. There were at least three major functions in The Hyatt during my four-night visit and those are just the ones I happened to notice while waiting for the elevator. There were probably more going on while I was out sightseeing or shopping for bargains in Lord & Taylor’s closing sale.


The point:

Business functions and conferences happen all over the world every single day. Most are set at a different location to that of your day-to-day business. So, how do staff at your chosen venue know you’re from a particular business group?


Identification Wristbands, Lanyards and Passes:

Compartmentalisation. A break down. (Not the emotional kind). We work better when things seem smaller. Breaking down the participating groups by issuing them a different colour wristband or a wristband with different text on it. Simple things get the job done. It sounds ridiculous, but putting on a wristband with your company name on goes a long way for staff working your venue.

Lanyards are even better. They’re bigger for a start, so they’re easier to read. Add a pass with your company name on and you’re sorted.


Wristbands for your Business Function, Conference, or Celebratory Event:


Tyvek Wristbands
Vinyl Wristbands
Silicone Wristbands
Woven Fabric Wristbands
¾” Printed

(Black Print Only)

Straight Printed

(Black Print Only)


(1 Print Colour Only)

Plastic Clip
1” Printed

(Black Print Only)

Wide-Face Printed

(Black Print Only)

Debossed Only Sliding Bead
1” Printed

(Full Colour)

Holographic Printed

(Black Print Only)

Debossed with Ink Fill

(1 Ink Colour Only)

Metal Closure

(Closing Tool Required)


Lanyards & Passes for your Business Function, Conference, or Celebratory Event:

Lanyards can be ordered online here. All lanyards come with 1 safety break and clip. More safety breaks and clips can be ordered through the office. Contact them here.  Pass holders are sold separately and are available online here. Pass prices are dependent on design and quantity and are only available through the office. For a quote, click here.