Wristbands for Book Lovers

In honour of Library Lovers Month, we want to point out how wristbands can be useful to book lovers everywhere.


Reading for Life

Did you know February is the month for bookworms?

That’s right, next month is Library Lovers Month. Starting things off straight away on the 1st February is Take Your Child to the Library Day. I can hear you already asking us, ‘Why would you want to venture out to read or research things when you have a device which allows you to access everything from the palm of your hand?’

Simple answer is: Libraries are a place to connect with others away from a digital platform.


Library Wristbands

What does a wristband company have to do with a library? Again, it’s simple. Here’s the breakdown.

Library Visitor Wristbands

Depending on your location and history of your library, entrances may be monitored. (The public library in New York may be free, but you still have to enter through a metal detector and bag check.) If you have a policy which requires visitor bag checks, storage lockers, or cloakroom, wristbands can be used to tag items and their owner. No more keys or tokens being lost. Wristbands can be single-use tyvek wristbands with sequential numbers printed to match item to owner easily.

You can also use tyvek wristbands to replace visitor stickers. No one likes a big badge showcasing their name or, for some, ruining their clothes. Stickers can sometimes peel off over time and those bits of rubbish you find on the floor come the end of the day are probably a collection of unwanted or nonstick visitor tags. Tyvek wristbands have a self-adhesive stick on them that allows the wristbands to stay secure for over 24 hours and cannot be removed without scissors.

Not interested in secure entry wristbands, but still want to offer your visitors a wristband to purchase in your shop or visitor centre?

Marketing Wristbands

Silicone wristbands make great keepsake visitor trinkets. The rubber wristbands are strong, durable and can be customised to your specification. Meaning, your logo and library name can be printed on the wristband.

Promoting your library doesn’t need to be expensive. You can opt for our best selling and cost effective tyvek wristbands. But they’re for single use only, I hear you say. Well, technically yes, but have you ever thought of them as a bookmark? The wristbands are thin and you can have whatever print you like on them for a reasonable price. You could even buy plain wristbands for young library goers to draw on and create their own bookmarks, offering new readers a fresh and fun take on traditional library activities.

School Library Wristbands: Literary Achievement Wristbands

We provide a lot of wristbands to schools, from dinner wristbands to achievement wristbands. Another bunch we provide are reading related or Star Reader wristbands. Our wristbands are designed and ordered by our customers to praise their students for their literary progress.


In short, wristbands are a fun and modern accessory for library lovers and future bookworms.