Wristbands: All you need to know

Answering webchat enquiries presents an interesting record of what our current market is and what type of products are popular at the moment.


Whilst many questions received are price related there are some bespoke wristband questions that have caught our attention which we want to share with you.


  1. What is the best single-use wristband for children?

The most suitable wristband for single-usage is the Tyvek wristband. These bands come in one standard length to fit all wrist types and come in a thinner width (3/4”) for a comfortable fit for children. The bands are ph. neutral meaning they do not irritate the skin and are durable for the wear and tear of younger age groups.


  1. Can I have silicone wristbands in different colours with different texts?

Certainly. You can have a number of coloured bands, each with their own artwork (text) on. You can even mix up the sizes. Prices are quoted on the overall quantity of wristbands you are ordering, but please be aware that additional artworks and/or sizes will be added to the price.


  1. Can I have chequered wristbands with debossed and colour filled writing?

Yes. The chequered pattern is debossed onto the band and filled with colour. A blank section of the band is left for your text/design/artwork to be debossed into the band and then colour filled. You can of course, have the whole thing (background pattern and text) printed if you would like your text over the top of the pattern.


  1. Can you provide a physical sample of my wristband?

Unfortunately, no. We do not provide physical samples of the wristbands you wish to order, but we can send out physical stock sample wristbands we have in-office if requested at enquiry stage. One of our team will try to find samples that feature similar colours, prints or sizes that you are interested in and these will be sent out through the post. We also have stock sample lanyards we can send, if requested.

If/when you wish to place an order you will receive a digital proof made by our graphics team. (Online orders excluded as they are designed online by you). This proof is then approved by you before your order is produced.


  1. Do you do glow in the dark wristbands?

We have a number of silicone options relating to glow in the dark. Glow in the dark bands are typically transparent during the day and glow green or blue (your choice) in the dark. Coloured day-time silicone bands are available in a selection of colours, which have a glow effect in the dark. Prices are not available online and orders for glow in the dark silicone wristbands must go through the office for artwork confirmation.

Further information on the types of glow in the dark wristbands can be found on our blog.


  1. Do you deliver wristbands outside the UK?

Online orders are for UK deliveries only. For deliveries outside the UK, orders will need to be processed by our office. In order for our office team to provide you with a quote to deliver outside of the UK, please email your enquiry here with your full postal address.


  1. Do you do multi-coloured silicone wristbands?

Yes. There are two options for multi-colour.

  1. Segmented – colours are split into sections on the band (recommended 4 colour)
  2. Marbled – colours are mixed across the band in a loose swirl / marble

These wristbands are not currently available online due to the details in artwork. To receive a quoted price, please email your enquiry here.

In your email, please provide your contact details, what type of artwork you would like (printed / debossed / debossed 1 colour fill) and how many wristbands you require, and one of our team will email you a quote.


  1. What is the print area for vinyl bands?

Vinyl comes in three options. Below is the print area for each type of vinyl:

Straight – 105mm x 10.65mm

Wide-face – 57mm x 18mm

Holographic – 105mm x 8.65mm


  1. Can you have different images / text printed on each tab of the vinyl tabbed bands?

Yes. Many excursions offer a deal on food and drink. Vinyl tabbed bands are printed on the band and each tab. The tabs can have a different design each, with one offering a drink and the other a snack.


  1. Do I have to buy a crimping tool for the secure metal closure on a fabric band?

If you wish to secure the metal closure so that wristband wearers cannot take the band off during your event, then yes, you would need a crimping tool to fasten the band. Crimping tools (March 18) are £15.00 (exc. Vat). Once crimped, the wristband cannot be adjusted around the wrist and will have to be removed with scissors

If you would like to keep the band loose and allow wearers to be able to adjust the wristband while it is being worn, the closure doesn’t have to be crimped and can function in the same way as the sliding metal bead. The wristband will therefore be adjustable throughout its entire use and can be removed without scissors.



Immediate responses from our webchat operator are available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Webchat enquiries made afterhours will be responded to via email the next working morning after the request was made. *

* Responses to afterhours enquiries are emailed to the email address provided by the enquirer. If contact information is not present, we cannot unfortunately respond to your enquiry.