The Advantages of Wristbands for your Event or Promotion

Not only are wristbands the best way to secure your event with a comfortable, fail-proof and easy system, they’re also the latest cool trend – colourful, collectible and hi-vis.

Wristbands for charities
All charities need to spread the word and promote their cause. Those who donate to charities like to show their support. Wristbands are the perfect solution! Not only do they make a great fashion accessory, they inspire conversation and help as an ice breaker for discussion too. And they’re not just for the major charities. Low minimum order means charity wristbands are perfect for smaller fundraising groups too! Need some fundraising ideas? Here’s a little bit of inspiration…

Are wristbands any good to secure your event?
They’re the perfect choice. Remember the days when a festival meant messy ink stamps all over your hand? Or every conference meant you had to get tangled up in an unflattering id card strung around your neck? Not any more! Wristbands are discreet, comfortable and bang on trend. They can be easily colour coordinated (for instance, if you need several different layers of access to the same event) and, with the different types of materials now available, you can choose any level of security or durability.

How about safety?
Most of us know the panic of temporarily loosing a child at the beach, camp-site or swimming pool. Kids are easily distracted, especially in a fun environment. Id or zonal wristbands can lead that child back to safety in no time and they won’t mind wearing them either.

Do all wristbands have to look the same?
Absolutely not! With a plethora of new space age materials and colour options, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

So what’s on offer? Here’s some examples:

  • Tyvek wristbands are made from spun polyethylene. They look and feel like paper, but are extremely durable and tamper-proof, ideal for a one or two day conference.
  • Vinyl wristbands offer a longer life and are even more durable. They are available in a huge range of colours and in differing styles. The security level is up a notch too – the only way to remove one is to cut it off!
  • Fabric wristbands offer the highest level of security, but more importantly for the fashion conscious, they are the latest must have accessory.
  • Thermal wristbands have all the benefits of the others, but include the ability for on-site printing, if individual details are required.
  • Party wristbands add sparkle to that special occasion and are a great memento for guests.
  • Tab wristbands give the basic security of a wristband, but include pull off tabs, good if you have a multi venue or function event.

Want to know more? Contact our highly experienced sales team now and they’ll help you choose the right wristband for your event.