World Gin Day: Event Wristbands for Bars & Pubs

Get your wristbands ready… It’s World Gin Day this Saturday.


If you read our blog regularly, you’ll know by now that we love a good theme or ‘Day of the Year’. This weekend is World Gin Day; a great Saturday night out for gin lovers, and a profitable market for events managers. Bars, clubs and pubs, get ready for the extra revenue this weekend because it’s most likely coming! Gin seems to be the ‘in’ drink at the moment; its popularity producing several weird and wonderful flavours and colours. There’s even gin workshops with free samples. All this attention got us thinking… pub nights, club offers, bar entries and workshops. Most if not all are paid entry events. So, if you’re hosting an event, we’ve got you covered.


Entry Wristbands:

Ensure your event provides the best experience for gin lovers with standard entry wristbands, VIP wristbands, & staff wristbands. Let people know who you are and what you’re up to. Design wristbands specifically to your event with gin bottles, cocktail glasses, and your company logo. Use full colour tyvek wristbands for company colour matches or colourful graphics.

Popular Entry Wristband Choice:


Wristbands for Free Samples:

If you’re running a workshop or offering free samples to VIP customers, then look no further than our tabbed vinyl wristbands. Prices include print on the band and the tabs (black print only). People love a freebie. (Who doesn’t?) Vinyl wristbands are secure once they are fastened and cannot be removed without scissors, meaning your guests cannot swap or reuse the bands. The tabs are easy for staff to remove once a drink / sample has been taken.

Tabs Available:
  • 1 tab
  • 2 tab
  • 3 tab
  • 4 tab
  • 5 tab
  • 7 tab
  • 10 tab

Band colours for each tab depends on stock availability. Colour print is available through the office only. Check with the office via email, telephone, webform or web-chat for more information.


Wristbands, Lanyards & Passes for Staff:

Be visible with custom staff wristbands, lanyards and passes. Choose pre-printed lanyards and black print on tyvek and vinyl wristbands for the quickest turnaround.

Full Colour Options:

List of products which can have full colour designs printed on them:

  • Tyvek 1″ wristbands (available online)
  • Straight Vinyl wristbands
  • Wide-Face Vinyl wristbands
  • Holographic Vinyl wristbands
  • Tab Vinyl wristbands
  • Fabric Dye-Sub wristbands
  • Dye-Sub 15 / 20 / 25mm lanyards

Full colour must be ordered through the sales office. Make sure to check production time with the sales team, as full colour can take a little longer to produce compared to black print.

Production times:
  • Custom lanyards and passes take 2-3 weeks to produce.
  • Colour printed vinyl is dispatched 3-4 days after payment.

Interested? Contact our sales team here for a quote.


Have a lovely gin filled weekend!