Winter Wedding Wristbands

Every wedding is different, which means every wedding wristband order is unique. Colour schemes vary along with different font types and designs. The one thing most wedding wristbands – if not all – have in common is the fact that they are fabric.


Fabric wristbands are a couple’s first choice as they are a classy reusable / keepsake gift. Most use them as an invitation to the event, some as gifts and others are theme enhancers. Wristband designs often reflect the couple or their tastes, or the theme they’ve chosen. Each design contains up to 8 coloured yarns woven together. The colours are matched* to pantone codes provided by the couple during the enquiry stage. Pantone colour charts* are available from the sales team, otherwise we will match to the closest colour yarn available.


Woven Fabric

Here’s what you need to know if you’re ordering fabric wristbands from our website or woven fabric from our sales office:

  • Yarns are single colours therefore you cannot have gradients in your design
  • Fine details are difficult to capture, because the design is woven
  • Machines weave up to 8 colours per design (more than 8 colours must be printed)**
  • Lurex (glitter) yarn is available through the office
  • UV yarn is available through the office


Winter Wedding Themes

Need some inspiration for your winter wedding wristbands? We’ve compiled a list of graphics to help you out.

  • Forestry
  • Holly
  • Horse & Carriage
  • Mistletoe
  • Sleigh
  • Snowflakes
  • Stars
  • Reindeer
  • Roses
  • Wedding Bells


Wedding Wristband Ideas

Need a little more inspiration? Check out our other wedding themes below.


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*The colour chart is a guide. Colours will appear different on screen to material due to screen resolutions and physical material differences. Exact pantone matches are available on printed dye-sublimated wristbands only.

**Printed fabric wristbands – otherwise known as dye-sublimated wristbands – are not available on our website. Dye-sub fabric is satin / ribbon material and full colour print. Click Here for further information on dye-sub products.