Why Tyvek Bands are the Best Wristbands for Kids this February Half Term

The word ‘child’ is not exactly what comes to mind when someone asks you what wristbands are used for, especially with widely popular festivals, concert bands and new high-tech wristbands. But who is the biggest wristband audience?

Of course, festivals have an international appeal and with many now travelling festivals; taking direction from concert tours and travelling theatre shows, festival wristbands are secured on millions of wrists over the course of spring and summer every year. So, we will forgive you for thinking festival goers are the biggest wristband audience.

However, before festivals became a ‘thing’ children across the UK were wearing wristbands on their regular trips to the seaside, where being allowed to go into the adventure park in the afternoon was the highlight of their day. Strapping on a ¾” Tyvek wristband with the word Adventure on it was like being rescued from hell. (Really it was our parents dragging us around the shops the entire morning with the threat of not going to the park if we kept moaning- but that’s a type of hell, right?)

Tyvek wristbands are great for kids. They come in one standard length which fits all, in a range of colours and once the adhesive is stuck, the only way you’re getting that wristband off is by cutting it with scissors.


Number 1:

Kids aren’t allowed scissors so the wristband is secure for their entire visit (Not that there would be scissors available anyway… Where would you find scissors at an adventure park?)


Number 2:

You can write on Tyvek.


It sounds stupid, but being able to write a contact number on your child’s wristband lessens the anxiety one has when they release them into the maniac that is a park (be it a resort park, adventure park, playpark, indoor soft-play or any form of child activity park). Providing a name and number on your child’s wristband, which is durable and secure, parents can rest easy knowing their child can be reunited if they wander off.

It’s not just parks which benefit from wristband entry. Often museums or kid’s festivals (yes, they are a thing) use wristbands in order to keep a record of whose paid and who hasn’t. Before wristbands, you’ll probably remember handstamps, and while these were a genius idea at the time, one visit to the loo and your stamp’s half vanished. Wristbands are water resistant and compatible with the energetic actions of young children. Even ‘paper’ (Tyvek) wristbands are brilliant for family days out. Their pH balance means they’re not harmful to children and they can be recycled with plastic, not to mention come in a litter free version, which means they’re also environmentally friendly.

For businesses and event organises planning something for the whole family to take part in this February half term, we recommend the Tyvek wristband as your entry band. You don’t have to worry about getting the right size wristband as the Tyvek comes in one standard size to fit all, and you don’t have to worry about cost as Tyvek wristbands, even customised, are the cheapest wristbands in our entire range.

For information on Tyvek wristbands, please see our website. Online orders are available with free delivery and you can even design your own online here.


Festival News!


Booking your family holiday for Summer 2018?

Take the whole family to the Suffolk woodlands of Henham Park this July for Latitude Festival.

Enjoy the weekend of July 12th at Latitude festival, where the entire family can roam three different areas full of adventure. Start off by exploring Roman artefacts from archaeological sites, to dancing in the Enchanted Garden or joining the circus for performances. Stuck in those teenage years? Let loose in the Inbetweeners’ Area with live music, zip wires in the trees or get creative with technology, fashion and digital media classes.

Tickets for children under 12 are just £15, while children under 5 go free! So, if you’re planning beyond the February half term, have a look at this year’s latitude programme. Line-up is yet to be announced.