Who Says Wristbands Can’t be Christmassy?

Tomorrow is the first of December and with the countdown to Christmas about to begin (advent calendars at the ready!), we look at 5 important wristband colours to think about this season.


Bold Reds

It’s no surprise red is the top colour on our list as it is the most associated colour with Christmas thanks to Santa’s dress sense. It connotates cheer and holiday spirit, and is attention-grabbing, which is what you need for your wristbands to work. The colour can also be used for security bands and lanyards to highlight guards in a crowded area, making attendees feel safe and secure in a vest venue.


Glitter Gold

A festive companion to your bold red is your glittery gold. Think of the star on the top of the Christmas tree this winter as it glows in the flashing fairy lights. Available in vinyl, silicone and fabric wristbands, you can get really creative this festive season with gold glitter plain wide-face vinyl bands, printed glitter lurex bands and full-on glitter silicone bands. Durable and comfortable, these glitter bands are great for long weekend events. And if you still want the glitter of Christmas but are opting for a subtler tone, silicone debossed bands can be filled with glitter colours!


Misty Blues

It might seem a surprise to some that we have decided to slip blue into our Christmas colour range, especially since it is often associated with melancholy (just look at Sadness in Disney’s Inside Out). But don’t get the January Blues just yet! Flip the usually moody colour for a misty blue to bring the cold winter feel without the chill.

There’s the deep blues like Christmas fairy icicles you see wrapped along the roof of houses; light blues like the misty morning sky, or blue and white strips for those wanting a pattern or even holographic blues for those party nights out.


Bright Silver

The colour of tinsel. Take inspiration from your Christmas decorations this year and go for holographic silver. Shiny, pretty and complimentary to all outfits (think of your work party outfit! You can’t have clashing colours). Available in all our wristband ranges, you can even have silver print on wide-face vinyl bands!


Earthy Greens

We’ve mentioned Santa’s suit, the topper, the cold weather and the decorations, but we forgot to point out your Christmas tree. What would Christmas be without a tree? Whether you’re the type to tie ornaments anywhere and crisscross tinsel until it wraps itself in the fairy lights, or the perfectionist who brings order to their tree, there is no denying that green – though it can be plain – is a Christmas colour. Not a fan? Well, it would be boring if we only offered plain green colours, especially as it’s Christmas, we have glitter green Tyvek bands and green holographic vinyl bands to add festivity to your ‘plain jane’ of the bunch.


Whatever colour you choose, it’s sure to be Christmas ready!