Where to Align Text on Tyvek Wristbands

Ever wondered why we align text on Tyvek to the left? Get Frustrated when we do? Find out why here.



You hear an email ping in your inbox. It’s your artwork proof from Pac Wristbands and you can’t wait to see it… Hang on… The text is on the left and not in the centre. Why?

We don’t do it to annoy you, we promise. Every tyvek design is aligned to the left because the right side is tucked under when the wristbands are fastened.



People have different wrist sizes. It’s that simple. By aligning everything on the left, we are ensuring the main bulk of your design can be read once the wristband is on. The alignment of design is particularly important when it comes to children’s tyvek wristbands. Any print that goes beyond half the band has the probability of being unreadable once the band is fastened.


Not Sure Your Alignment is OK for Print:

Check out our artwork guidelines and templates here. Contact the team for specific print requirements or email your enquiry here.


Still Unsure?

Order your wristbands through the office and our sales team will send through a proof before your order goes to production.


Ordering online? No problem.

You can design your own wristband using the Online Designer Tool. However you input the design is how it is printed. You can also design & upload your artwork to our website. Again, however you set up your print, is how it is printed. And, if you’re ever anxious about the print once you’ve submitted your order, contact the office and we’ll supply you the digital proof for you to check.