What our customers say about us…

Let’s be honest, no one likes a two star or lower review.

There’s always a 50/50 chance of  selecting the wrong product, when you’re ordering online. To help, most of us look at a product’s review or skim along a company’s page to find out a little more about their work and their product history. Reviews allow customers to suss out the suitability, sustainability and attractiveness of a product without making a financial commitment. This is why it’s important to us that our customers can see our reviews and comments online before they purchase.


The Importance of a Customer’s Review

It’s essential we receive customer feedback. How else is a company to evolve and make sure they provide the full package for their customers? While we could spill all our knowledge on our products, the benefit of a customer review is they highlight pros and cons which may not have been included in our product description and in a language devoid of technical wristband terms.


What our customers have to say about our products, services & team


‘Fantastic, efficient as always Hazel, thanks so much :-)’

Email from B. Woods. October 2019


‘I received the wristbands today and I just wanted to let you know that they are absolutely amazing. I’m so happy with them and I really appreciate what you’ve done.’

Email from M. Dhillon. August 2019


‘Thank you so much Sarah for such a brilliant service.’

Email from W. Williams. August 2019


‘Thank you so much, you guys have been an amazing company to work with and your customer service is amazing. You’ve turned me into a loyal lifetime customer. You guys are always impressive, but this was exceptional!’

Email from F. Chambers. July 2019


‘Cheers! It’s nice to work with a local company.’

Email from M. Savage. July 2019


‘Many thanks Casey, that’s extremely helpful. Thank you for once again giving us such a great service. I wish everyone else I deal with was as efficient and helpful as you!’

Email from P. Chegwyn. July 2019




Want to give us feedback on our products or customer service?

Online product reviews are optional on most product pages, however you can always email your review here. Impressed by a member of our team’s customer service? Email them directly using their direct email address during your order process. Improvements can always be made, so don’t be shy in sending in recommendations.


Thank you to all our customers for choosing Pac Wristbands.