What is UV Yarn?

With recent requests heading towards glow in the dark silicone bands, we are going to look at other glow bands that are available in time for the autumn season.


UV Fabric wristbands are made up of UV yarn which glows under ultraviolet light. The beauty of their design is the compatibility the UV yarn has with the standard yarn completing a design that features glowing elements.


How does it work?

UV yarn can be inserted into a woven fabric design which allows that particular weave to glow when under UV lights. It’s a helpful little factor for extra security on your bands or a fun spook factor for Halloween wristbands. UV fabric wristbands don’t have to be part of a standard woven design; you can have all 8 colours of your woven band in UV colours if you wish.


What colours are available?

Due to the nature of the fabric there is a small collection of colours compared to the wide range of colours available for standard fabric orders. Our most popular UV colours are: orange, yellow, pink and green.


What closures are available?

Our standard plastic clip, silver bead and secure metal closure are all available for UV designed wristbands. Stock availability on barrel locks, colour beads and clips can be ordered upon request. Please speak to a member of our team for other options.


Five Popular Uses for UV Wristbands


Charity Events

Come September 22nd this year, Night Walk London will once again see challengers raise money by taking part in a half or full marathon for Cancer Research UK. Too late to sign up? WalktheWalk Moon Walk is next May where the bras are out to raise awareness about breast cancer.


Educational Events

May and September are busy months for fabric UV orders as it’s the runup to proms in the spring and Freshers Week in the autumn.



It’s the only time of the year when scaring people is allowed and children get to overindulge in sweets. Halloween parties, concerts and scare fests are all becoming increasingly popular with every year that passes.



It doesn’t have to be Halloween to get dressed up and have a good party. Clubs, bars and venues across the UK are throwing events every month this year, with silent raves becoming increasingly popular.



The most important part of the event (besides making sure everyone has a good time) is keeping your customers safe. UV yarn is often used as a security message enabling staff to keep record of those who are customers from those who are schemers.