What is Dye-Sublimation?

Looking for a fabric wristband or lanyard with a smoother, sharper finish?


We often refer to a dye-sub product in our posts – mostly fabric – but we wanted to discuss the ins and outs of dye-sublimation so that our customers are aware of what to expect when purchasing this type of fabric.


Firstly, what is dye-sublimation?

Perhaps the best way to explain dye-sublimation is to break the title down. Sublimation is the transformation of something solid to a gas without turning to liquid beforehand. A dye-sub printer heat-transfers print unto fabric; printing your design on a smooth satin fabric.


Why choose dye-sublimated fabric and lanyards?

We often get asked to pantone match fabric and dye-sub is great for this. With woven fabric bands or screen-printed lanyards, the colours are matched to the colour yarn or dye. While there is nothing wrong with the above, an exact match is not possible due to screen resolutions showing different colours on different screens, and eye matching is different for each person. Dye-sublimation enables the closest match from screen to band without human error.


Smoother & Sharper

As long as the artwork provided to us is clear, the print on your bands and lanyards will be sharp and clear to read; brilliant for fine detail.


No Restrictions

Screen printed lanyards are dyed and then printed on, which means your lanyards can only be one colour either side. While your print can be different colours, extra costs may apply. Dye-Sublimated lanyards are full colour print on both sides of the lanyard (front and back) which is included in the price. And it’s not just lanyards which benefit from dye-sub print. Dye-sublimated wristbands are not colour restricted (too many colours on a woven band would require a lot of yarn and the weaves would be extremely thick). As your design is printed onto the fabric or lanyard, the design can have as many colours as you like, including gradients.


Pricing & Artwork

Dye-sublimated lanyards and wristbands are not currently available online due to the scope of artwork options available to each and clarity must be checked by our graphics team in order to provide the best print for your product. Prices are provided by phone on 01379 872718 or email here.


More information on individual products will be available on our blog soon.