Weird & Wonderful Wedding Wristbands

In other words, uniquely themed wedding wristbands.


We recently tweeted about this to see what sort of themes our followers have experienced in the wonderful world of weddings. Here’s what we found and some wristband ideas we think will suit:



Take inspiration from The Greatest Showman. It’s theatrical, colourful and has a wicked soundtrack. So can your wedding; starting with your wristbands. Choose dye-sublimatedfabric wristbands and include the whole show in graphic detail or go for woven wristbands and use gold and silver lurex glitter* yarn for extra glitz on the details. Looking for something cheap? Check out our paper red and white striped wristbands.


Día de Muertos

This theme would work well on woven fabric wristbands with a sliding silver bead. It’s colourful and full of detail. Try woven fabric wristbands. You have up to 8 colours of your choosing to design your wedding wristbands. Bright flowers, white skulls and confetti. Tip: use UV* yarn for your confetti spots and see them glow under ultraviolet light. (It’ll be your disco party trick.)



To the wedding and beyond… We would recommend dye-sublimated* satin type wristbands for this one due to the vast content. It’s a smoother fabric, therefore intricate details can be printed in a clearer image than that of a woven design. However, if you do go woven… lurex glitter* yarn for that classic fairy-tale style.



Why not throw caution to the wind for this one? Use vinyl wristbands. (I know, I know, wedding wristbands are usually fabric). But think about it. A masquerade is usually entry monitored. It makes sense then, to immerse your guests in your theme with the very first thing they put on when they enter your venue. Black wide-face vinyl with silver or gold scripted font would work nicely.


Movies & Musicals

Red & gold. Classic. Go for glamour with this theme and design woven fabric wristbands with a gold* sliding bead. Add  lurex glitter* yarn for class. Contact the office for lurex colour options.



We love our pets. They are an integral part of our loves. So, why would we not include them in our wedding? Crazy cat man/lady… Barking mad individual… (We came across this one on the internet.) Paw prints anyone?



Aye Aye, Captain! Woven fabric wristbands with sliding beads, either metal or plastic* will work well for this theme. Choose seawater colours, from greens, blues and aquas. We recently had an underwater theme wedding wristband in a pastel green with a mixture of seaweed greens and creams for seashells.



*Dye-sublimated fabric designs, lurex yarn, UV yarn and gold metal/black plastic beads are not currently available online. For prices, please contact the office on 01379 872718 or email

All custom fabric wristbands take 2-3 weeks to produce after payment has been confirmed and artwork has been approved. More information on deliveries can be found here.

All designs discussed in this post are suggestions only. All custom products are designed either by our customers using the online designer tool or to customer spec by our graphics team. For more information and artwork templates, click here.