Wedding Wristbands Inspired by Novels

You know what they say about a good book? You can immerse yourself in it.


We’ve seen many types of wedding wristbands over the years. There are The Weird & Wonderful Wedding Wristbands. However, there’s also the traditional Mr & Mrs Wedding Wristbands. What works for one couple may not for another. It’s that philosophy that makes producing wedding wristbands so much fun. You’re never quite sure what theme will come next.


Novel Themed Wedding Wristbands

You don’t have to have one main novel theme. Some couples prefer to go simply for the literary theme. Fabric wristbands are decorated with general literary items, such as books, pens or glasses. Fairy-tales make great graphic options, with fairies, tree branches or leaves, birds & wildlife. The list is endless. Throw in some Storybook font styles or typewriter fonts and you’ve got yourself a wedding wristband perfect for any book lover.


Specific Novel Themed Wedding Wristbands

Some couples are so passionate about their favourite novel that no other theme will make the cut. Below is a list of just some of the novels we have come across.


  1. Harry Potter
  2. Game of Thrones
  3. The Great Gatsby
  4. The Secret Garden
  5. Wuthering Heights
  6. The Wizard of Oz


Keep reading for wristband design ideas for each novel.


I solely swear…I’m going to your wedding!

He’s one of the most popular wizards of the 21st Century, so it’s no wonder Harry Potter is on our themed wristband list. There are absolutely loads of Potter inspired graphics that can fit easily on a wedding wristband. Issue your guests with Sorting Hat inspired wristbands, with the house names on and subsequent house colours, or go for  intricate designs on dye-sublimated* fabric wristbands, with various character’s animal guardians. The design possibilities for Harry Potter wedding wristbands are endless.


 Let the – wedding – begin…

Are you ready for April 15th when Game of Thrones comes back on the telly? Why not design your wedding wristband in style with the television series using our online designer? Designate guests to different families, with different fabric wristband designs for each group. Opt for dye-sublimated* wristbands and include dragon graphics for that fiery appeal.


A beautiful little fool of a guest…

The 1920’s are easy to replicate on fabric wristbands. Choose lurex* glitter for your metallic patterns on a dark background and get those Gatsby feels. Square patterns on a black fabric wristband with a gold* sliding bead work well. Opt for dye-sublimated* fabric wristbands and try your hand at replicating Gatsby’s bay green light with gradients fading across the wristband.


There is magic in every- wedding…

Location plays an important factor in designing your wedding wristbands. Want an outdoor wedding? Somewhere quiet and pretty… Why not try a Secret Garden theme? Wristband designs with flowers, leaves, and flowing script in various shades of green and bright blooms, can be created using our online designer tool. Choose a woven wristband with the sliding bead for the perfect finish.


It was a wild, wicked slip of a – stag/hen party…

Dark, brooding and passionate… take inspiration from Wuthering Heights and include designs with branches, swallows and old fashioned silhouettes of the couple. Add a few Bronte quotes in scripted font and you’re sorted. Darker colours would suit this theme, with navy blues, blacks and possibly silver lurex* glitter yarn for that added glistening affects on your tree branches. Don’t forget you can have a black plastic bead* for your closure.


We’ve off to see the wedding, the wonderful wedding of…

Now that’s in your head! Bright Oz, with it’s yellow roads and green city… Woven designs can be patchwork like a brick road and with 8 colours in one design, you can opt for several famous shades from the novel. Add lurex* glitter red and silver for the slippers. Go for dye-sublimated* fabric wristbands and you could include Toto.


*Dye-sublimated fabric designs, lurex yarn and gold metal/black plastic beads are not currently available online. For prices, please contact the office on 01379 872718 or email

All custom fabric wristbands take 2-3 weeks to produce after payment has been confirmed and artwork has been approved. More information on deliveries can be found here.

All designs discussed in this post are suggestions only. All custom products are designed either by our customers using the online designer tool or to customer spec by our graphics team. For more information and artwork templates, click here.