Valentine’s Day Wristbands

Got a hot date this February 14th?

Maybe you’ve got a romantic dinner planned or a club night, or perhaps you’ve got an Anti-Valentine party to go too. (Yes, they are a thing). Whatever you’re doing, be safe and prepared with products from Pac Wristbands. We’ve been talking in the office about modern dating and the topic which keeps coming up is online dating.


Online dating is fine while the romance stays on screen. The trouble often occurs when it comes to face to face meetings. You’ve spilled your guts to this person. Admitted things in the comfort of being behind a screen. It’s another matter entirely being that person in the flesh. In the theme of Valentines (but mostly to avoid the awkwardness of online dating!), we’ve been thinking of ways to ease the worst of modern dating.


Internet Dating Sites – Listen Up!

We’re recruiting you to provide your clients with safe but fun date nights. From organised access to ice-breakers, we’ve got some ideas for you…


Meet and Greet Nights

Arrange a group night for singles where individuals receive a wristband upon arrival, making sure your event stays exclusive to members and your clients feel safe knowing they’re meeting legit site members.

  • Single night events need plain or printed Tyvek bands, which are easy and quick to put on, saving queue times, and are available in several colours. Disposable, recyclable material.
  • Events which take place over several days or nights need durable, comfortable wristbands, which can be vinyl, plain or printed. Print on the details of the event, the times and the venue.


Bars, Pubs and Clubs

Group nights can take place anywhere, but if you want your members to have fun on their dates, arrange a pub crawl or a night out at a bar or club. Exclusive events for your members. Have wristband entries or tabbed vinyl bands for free drinks and snacks. Let your members enjoy themselves with the security of an exclusive event.

  • Silicone Pub Crawl bands. Put your business colours on the band, Facebook link, Website, or Twitter information. Add the date and venues and your members have a keepsake band to remember their night out.
  • Tabbed vinyl bands offer your members a selective number of freebies, (let’s face it, people love a freebie) which will drum up your business as people recommend your event nights.



First dates are nerve wrecking. Speed dating is worse. Order ice-breaker wristbands. Bands with jokes on or funny pictures can lighten up the mood of the room and make it easier for people to start chatting.



Got a Valentines event coming up which you need wristbands for? Take a look at our wristband page to see which band will suit your event.