Valentine Wristbands: How to Market Your Event

Love is in the air. Are you ready for February 14th?


Is your business running a special event for the one night of the year which gives couples an excuse to max out and spoil each other, thus providing your business with a nice customer increase at the start of the new year?


You may be wondering why we are discussing next month’s events in advance, but it’s safe to say early preparation is needed in marketing. If you want to drum up business for the big event then product marketing is the way to go. Get people talking now and you won’t be stressing for printed posters and online media posts to be sent out the week before. Fill your reservation books. Fill out your clubs. Advertise your event to the max and with silicone wristbands, you will need to allow 2-3 weeks of production and delivery time to spare.


Silicone wristbands make great giveaways to your customers; either before the event when your clients book their entrance or as a favour during or after the event. Silicone bands are durable, wearable and comfortable to last a substantial length of time, which is essentially providing your event with constant free marketing.


If your idea is to not premarket your event but drum up interest on the night, vinyl wristbands can be purchased with next day delivery; even with print. Vinyl bands are disposable but durable; lasting for days at a time and are water resistant to sustain the wet British weather. Hand out vinyl wristbands upon entry with tabs to offer free drinks; enticing those couples or singles on a night out to attend your event before any other. Vinyl bands can include from 1-10 tabs so take advantage of your choice. People love a freebie and if they hear you’re offering free drinks…word of mouth is the best marketing tool in the book. Why not mix your quantity of tabs? Allow VIP members an extra drink or a glass of the house special? There are a variety of ways wristbands can help you and customising your wristbands has never been easier.


Your design can be as attention grabbing as you want. Bright neon colours. Glow in the dark. With our online wristband designer, you can click on the type of wristband you want and select the colour, text, font and graphics to go with. If that isn’t enough, our sales team are on hand to quote intricate designs with different coloured fonts or marbled colour bands, while our graphics team are happy to help create your digital proof for you.


At Pac, we’re here to help you and depending on the type of wristband you’re after, we want to make sure you get the best wristband for your event, within the deadline of your event.