Valentine Warning

A month until Valentine’s Day. Consider this your 4-week warning.


Whether you’re personally interested in Valentine’s Day or not, there’s no denying they’ll be romance themed events all over the UK next month. For event organisers, we’ve compiled a quick check list to make sure your Valentine’s event goes down without a hitch.


Entry Wristbands

Getting in the door for any event can be stressful for the participant and staff. Issuing Tyvek & Vinyl wristbands at the door or by post before the event will help ease off the frustration everyone feels when it comes to the British custom of queuing. Staff can identify participants easily (especially if a colour code is used) and quickly; providing less time for standing around and more time for enjoyment. Tyvek wristbands are paper-like and can be used as a one-off entry wristband, while vinyl wristbands have a longer wear, but again can only be used for one event. (Both wristbands will need scissors to remove).


VIP Wristbands

Want to give your customers / event-goers something special? VIP wristbands can be  Tyvek & Vinyl wristbands that are a one-time use wristband. These are available in gold or silver and Vinyl can be printed in full colour ink. But if you want something truly special for your customers, or you have a one-time offer you’d like to promote, we’d recommend our Tabbed Vinyl wristbands. Vinyl in material, with up to as many as 10 tabs if needed*, and printed in either black or full colour, these bands are perfect for VIP customers with free drinks, snacks or meal options.


Merchandise Wristbands

It’s not all about the entry wristbands, merchandise wristbands are a great opportunity for circling your event and business. Whether you offer a free keepsake wristband to each guest or you offer the wristbands as a merchandise product, fabric wristbands are your best bet. (Take a look at the popularity of festival wristbands!) Unlike the  Tyvek & Vinyl wristbands, fabric wristbands can have different closures on them. If you want to give your guests the chance to remove the wristband without damage then the sliding bead is the perfect choice for your wristband. Why not also look into the idea of offering a dye-sublimated pattern with gradients and intricate patterns of unlimited colour? You can request a custom design here.


Designing Your Wristbands

All wristband types (except dye-sublimated fabric wristbands) mentioned in today’s post can be designed by yourself online using our Online Designer Tool. For expert designs to spec, or you simply need a hand with your design, contact our team via phone, email or webform, and one of our staff members will respond within minutes. For more information on different types of wristbands and their artwork requirements and templates, please click here.


Staff & Security Lanyards

While custom products are in full demand, that’s not to say pre-printed or plain stock are not needed. Pre-printed Staff, Security, Crew, Artist, VIP and AAA lanyards are all available from stock and can be dispatched on the same day as purchased. The same applies for plain lanyards and badge holders. All are available online or can be ordered through the office via phone or email.



Be prepared weeks in advance for your Valentine’s event. It’s stress-free and you can be assured your wristband products will be delivered within plenty of time for the night. Too early to order Valentine’s event wristbands? We will be posting nearer the time with last minute advice and product information on custom Valentine wristbands, so keep a watch on our blog.



*Please note: certain tab wristbands are only available in certain band colours therefore, please check availability on your desired band colour with a member of the sales team before ordering.