Using QR Codes on Wristbands to make best use of your advertising space.

QR codes are two dimensional quick response codes that have been gaining notability and popularity for businesses, events and many other web-based organisations. They are easy to use and versatile. The code itself stores huge amounts of information that is easily scanned and stored onto a mobile device. Many businesses, events and charities are now adopting the use of QR codes as a means of marketing and as another way to attract customers to the internet for more information. QR codes on wristbands have many advantages but the benefits of the code itself should be understood before using the QR code as a marketing technique.


The main advantage of a QR code is its versatility. QR codes can be used for anything and everything. They are beneficial for both customers and businesses. For example, a business saves money and advertising costs by distributing a QR code to their website or URL. A customer can scan this QR code and this allows them to store the information for future reference. What’s also great about QR codes is that they bridge different forms of marketing streams together. For example ecommerce and mobile commerce are both used for QR codes. QR codes act as the link and it also exposes customers to other forms of advertising the business or service of the QR code has done. This maximises exposure and can potentially generate revenue.

Whether you are using wristbands for your event, as a giveaway or for raising awareness about your charity, the addition of a QR code provides a quick and easy link for the wearer to access more information about your products, event details or perhaps to donate to your cause.

The best wristbands to print QR codes on are Tyvek and Wide-Face Vinyl wristbands as these two products have a large and very accurate print area as well as being great value.  Both types of wristbands are an excellent solution for secure events such as festivals, stadium sports and concerts, as they are non-transferable. Tyvek can be printed in black print or full colour and vinyl wristbands are a single colour print with a wide range of wristband colour options. Many all day events are now using QR codes on their wristbands to link through to the event itinerary so the customer has instant access to valuable info that boosts an event’s public profile and serves to make their individual event a better experience.


Adding a QR code to your Tyvek wristband design can be done easily within our wristband designer but if you would like more information on wristbands and the design of them to better advertise your event, please contact us via