Top 10 Colours Used for Silicone Wristbands

Are you debating on which colour to choose for your silicone wristband? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the Top 10 Silicone Wristband Colours…


10 Bronze / Silver

Coming in joint last are bronze and silver wristbands. Surprised? So were we. Especially as these colours are really popular for school award wristbands. They are also used in our Times Table Wristband Set. Silver has a little more sway over bronze as it is usually a Christmas favourite. Thinking of using these colours? Try the bronze with black font and the silver with white.


9 Gold

Another shocking position… Gold comes in ninth place. It’s a favourite for school award wristbands and award ceremonies. This surprising place could be down to gold being more of a print / ink fill colour rather than a band colour.


8 Pink / Orange / Turquoise

It’s a triple threat at number eight as pink, orange and turquoise battle it out. All three are bright summer colours, so it’s not unusual to see them in this countdown. Pink is usually popular with birthday party wristbands and dance schools. Orange is a regular choice for council school orders and turquoise seems to be the ‘in’ colour for bar or summer events. There are several shades to pink and turquoise, so if you have something specific in mind, let us know and we’ll try our utmost to match it.


7 Purple

Lavender… Lilac… Violet…  You name a shade and we’ve likely done it in the past six months. Much like pink, purple is used for girls sports club. Dance, football, netball, etc. The popular shade is a little less stereotypical girl and has a versatility to it that has customers choosing this particular colour for their orders. Our stock violet is also very popular in schools.


6 White

Now this one comes as a surprise as our sample white bands are overflowing! However, white is usually used as a print or ink colour as opposed to a band colour. Perhaps that’s why it just missed out on the Top 5.


5 Yellow

Kick starting the Top 5 is Yellow. Yellow wristbands are extremely popular for birthday and school orders. The bright colour brings positive vibes and grabs attention. It may even be down to its eye-grabbing shade that this colour is used for emergency contact wristbands.


4 Red

The colour of urgency, red silicone wristbands come in at number four. An excellent shade for emergency contact wristbands.


3 Green

Surprised? Mint… Dark… Neon… Green takes 3rd place on our Top 10 chart. Often used for school trips, company giveaways or Christmas bands. Green is such a versatile colour that is often overlooked by those who don’t work in the wristband industry. It is also an earthy colour that has exudes positive auras.


2 Black

The dark and mysterious… Black wristbands are considered a classic. Most orders for black bands come with white print or ink designs on them. The dark colour can be paired with any outfit, meaning your wristbands can be worn whenever and with whatever. If you are looking for something classy, but with a fun twist, then black is the colour of choice for you.


1 Blue

Your favourite colour to use for silicone wristbands is Blue! It’s gorgeous jewel shades capture the playfulness in the bands, while a royal blue exudes class. Keep things simple with white text or add a bright yellow for fun. Blue represents calmness, clarity and cheer.


Have a different colour you’d like to use for your wristbands? 

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