Themed Wristbands for Children

Jungle Gyms and soft play companies listen up. Halloween and Christmas are fast approaching and we have some ideas on how to incorporate the festive seasons into your wristband system.

Tyvek entry wristbands are usually handed out on a day/colour basis. Why not try different holiday themed wristbands for the days of the week instead of using a colour scheme?


A wristband with a zombie or snowman on may seem silly, but the child who receives it upon entry to a kid’s jungle-gym will be fascinated and the staff who have run out of different colours to use to represent the days of the week can appreciate the Halloween & Christmas images instead. Don’t be fooled into thinking there isn’t at least seven images you can use. We have managed to come up with a fortnight’s worth for both holidays to get you started.


Halloween Tyvek Ideas


1.       Ghosts 2.       Pumpkins
3.       Haunted House 4.        Scarecrows
5.       Witch 6.        Cats
7.       Witches Hat 8.        Skeletons
9.       Zombies 10.    Vampires
11.   Fangs 12.   Frankenstein’s Monster
13.   Werewolf 14.    Fairies



Christmas Tyvek Ideas


1.       Father Christmas 2.       Santa’s Sleigh
3.       Robin 4.       Milk & Cookies
5.       Snowman 6.       Presents
7.       Holly 8.       Candy Canes
9.       Christmas Trees 10.   Christmas Stockings
11.   Gingerbread men 12.   Bells
13.   Reindeers 14.   Carrots & Mince Pies



While none of the above are stock designs, we can produce any of them as custom Tyvek wristbands in both 1” and ¾”. For a price and proof, please contact our team.