Themed Wedding Wristbands

We’ve talked about wedding wristbands inspired by novels and the more unique themed wedding wristbands. Now it’s time to combine them all with a quick summery for different wedding themes that will fit seamlessly onto your wedding fabric wristbands.


Decade Inspired Weddings

Who doesn’t want to throw back the clock, even for a split second?


Go back to the 80’s with neon colours and geometric patterns. Use woven fabric wristbands and you can include UV* yarn in your design.


Mustard yellows, pinks and purples were very fashionable back then. A floral design with peace signs, hearts and ‘groovy’ font.


Try  polka dots in red, pink, black and white.


Take inspiration from 1920’s America. Gold and silver fit excellently with the decadence of the era and you can highlight it with using lurex* (glitter) yarn for added elegance.


Fairy-tale Weddings

The perfect theme for dreamers. It’s a cliche, but it happens nonetheless – imagining your wedding from childhood.

Traditional fabric wedding wristbands:

Colour schemes are often light neutrals, such as white, ivory and champagne. Often a hint of blush colours like cream to pink are included. Generic graphics in traditional designs are: hearts, flowers, horse shoes, and rings. Opt for dye-sublimated* satin wristbands for finery.

Regal fabric wedding wristbands:

Rich gold, blue and red are perfect for regal themed wedding wristbands. Whether you choose to go for plain yarn or lurex* (glitter) yarn, the bold colours will stand out like coat of arms. Play around with fonts, from storybook ‘old world’ to fancy italic scripts.


Festival Weddings

Did you meet your other half at a festival? Or do you just like festivals? Doesn’t matter. The festival wedding wristbands are a fun and popular choice for engaged couples.

General Festival Vibes

Tell us what colours you’d like, the type of font and what graphics you have in mind, and we’ll create a proof for you. Feel like getting creative yourself? Why not have a go at creating your own fabric festival wristband using our online designer?

Specific Festivals

We’ve had Download themed wristbands with a barcode, a Wedfest wristband, and a country festival themed wedding wristband. If you have a favourite festival and want wedding wristbands which reflect it, provide us with your artwork and we’ll be able to tweak for print. For wedding wristbands with a barcode or readable QR code, contact the office for dye-sub* satin fabric wristbands.


Location Weddings

Taking your wedding abroad or fancy a romantic forest wedding? We’ve got you covered.

Beach Wedding

Sun, sand, sea. Replicate your setting with light soft yellows, creams, blues, greens and corals. Provide our graphics team with your own artwork or design something unique using our online designer. Select a sliding silver bead or go full out theme and order a white plastic* sliding bead. Want something more exotic? Let our graphics designer know what theme you’re looking for, like emerald green palm trees, bright sunshine oranges and luscious peach. Best results for gradient sunsets are dye-sublimated* satin wristbands.

Forest Weddings

Be one with nature. Autumn colours, spring flowers, or honeybee summers… Forest weddings come in all sorts of forms. Rustic forestland, with fairy-lights, candle-lit wooden benches, with earthy country vibes? Or go all out there with fairy-tale themed forest wedding wristbands with fairies, elves, unicorns and any other magical creatures you can provide graphics of. If we have the image, we can create the fabric wristband for you. Go with a gold* sliding metal bead for the ultimate finish.


Nationality Wedding Wristbands

Proud of your heritage? Nationality inspired wedding wristbands are easy, but beautiful. Provide pantone colours for your country and we will match to the closest yarn. Most flags can be included in a woven design, but if you have any concerns, contact the office beforehand with your chosen flag. We don’t need to provide design ideas for this one. Each person loves their homeland differently, so this is a personal design. (We can’t wait to see what you come up with!)


Seasonal Weddings

I don’t care what anyone says, the weather definitely plays a huge part in our mood. We wake up to sunshine and you can bet someone will go out in flip flops with a smile on their face. Even if sunshine in England is like winter in Europe. The great beauty with seasons is colour. Each season has a different palette and if you’re going to be really adventurous with your fabric wristbands, why not include all the seasons in your design. Opt for bright flowers, autumn leaves, a burning orange sun and a cool winter blue? Woven designs can include up to 8 colours, including lurex* (glitter) yarn. Want to make snow drops stand out or an evening bonfire sparkle, use lurex* (glitter) yarn.


If you’re getting married in the near future, don’t hesitate to contact us with your desired fabric wristband ideas. Either provide your own graphics, or let us know your theme, colour scheme, text and font, and we’ll design the perfect wedding wristband for you.


*Dye-sublimated fabric designs, lurex yarn, UV yarn and gold metal/plastic beads are not currently available online. Please contact the office on 01379 872718 or email for a quote.

All custom fabric wristbands take 2-3 weeks to produce after payment has been confirmed and artwork has been approved. Click here for more information on delivery turnarounds.

All designs discussed in this post are suggestions only. All custom products are designed either by our customers using the online designer tool or to customer spec by our graphics team. Click here for artwork templates.