The Top 5 Most Popular Lurex Colours for Wristbands

The weather’s hot, the music is loud and the glitter’s out.

Festival season has highlighted our glitter lurex range, which got me researching which of our colours is the most popular choice. The result is unsurprising, but the lead-up to the top two might be a bit of a surprise…


5 Aqua / Rose Gold

It’s a tie in fifth place as both aqua and rose gold are a favourite among glitter wristbands. Aqua tends to be used for festivals because it’s bright  and compliments the feelgood summer scheme. It also goes nicely with jeweled face glitter. That’s not to say aqua coloured wristbands should only be used for summer events. Lurex aqua was the chosen glitter colour for last year’s Winter Wonderland order.

Sharing aqua’s spot for fifth place is rose gold. Golds are extremely popular when customers are deciding what colour to choose for their wristbands. Usually it is included in wedding colour schemes, with couples opting for rose gold because it’s softer than yellow, but still a gold shade, fitting in with the rest of their colour scheme. Birthdays are also another occasion where rose gold wristbands are popular.


4 Red

I was initially surprised by this entry. Though, when you think about it, it’s obvious lurex red comes in fourth. Think Christmas!

Red is the signature colour for the holiday season. From Christmas parties, to Christmas corporate events, to New Year celebrations. Red lurex is either used as the design colour or the band background colour and is usually paired with gold, black or green. It’s also a winner for school prom wristbands.


3 Pink

Another surprise. Pink comes in as the third most used lurex colour for wristband products. The versatile shade is used for festivals, weddings, birthdays and event after-parties. It’s usually used as a design colour as opposed to the main background colour, but there’s nothing stopping you from having it as your base colour.


2 Silver

Always coming in second. I did toil with putting silver as number one, but was outnumbered by our sales team. Silver may come in second on our list, but it is far from second best. The lovely sparkly shade is used on nearly all our lurex wristbands, from including it for designs to using it as a base colour. Musician’s have used silver lurex in their wristband merchandise for a few years now and we’re always happy to hear the colour is well received by wristband wearers. Next time you go to a concert and get a wristband, check to see if yours has silver lurex yarn in it. We bet it does.


1 Gold

And, of course, gold is your number one choice when it comes to creating your lurex wristbands. From bright yellow golds to more subtle brownish shades, we’ve done them all. Rose lurex is used for every occasion and I mean, every occasion. WeddingsBirthdays… Christmas… Hen & Stag dos… Corporate events… School concerts, fates & fairsProm… Festivals… Concerts…


You now know the Top 5 Most popular lurex colours for wristbands. Want to know more about them or what other colours are available?

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