The Most Frequently Asked Wristband Questions

Got a question about wristbands you need answering?


Every wristband order is different. From wristband types, customised designs, to delivery times… Every order produces a new question from our customers and we’ve decided to collect our answers in order to make ordering your wristbands as easy and hassle free as possible.


Is there a way to change text colour when designing wristbands online?

Click on the text on your band and a grey toolbar should appear underneath your purple headings. At the left corner of the grey toolbar will be a small black box (this is your text colour). Click on the black box and it will open a colour graph for you to change your text colour.

For fabric bands – you can change your text colour 7 times.

Tyvek bands – are black print only. Unless you select full colour.


What is the difference between woven and dye-sublimated fabric wristbands?

It’s a question we get asked a lot. Woven wristbands are what it says on the tin: the design is woven into the band. The woven design can feature up to 8 colours (including the band itself), but it cannot have gradient colours. This is where dye-sublimated wristbands come in; these are a satin type material and the design is printed on them. Dye-sub fabric bands can therefore feature gradients, intricate patterns and small, fine text. They do not have a colour limit.

More information on our woven wristbands can be found here. For information on our dye-sub wristbands, please contact the office.


What is your minimum order?

All our products have a minimum order of 50.


How do I upload my artwork?

Many ask the question, ‘How do I upload my artwork?’ when they are designing their wristband using the online designer option. What they usually mean is ‘how do I add my logo to my wristband?’ The online designer has an option to add an image to your wristband on the purple toolbar above your design. If you click on this, you can locate your logo and upload it to your band.

What many forget is online designs are usually one colour print unless you are on the fabric designer or full colour Tyvek, which means your logo will need to be in one solid colour. Don’t panic – if you are unsure on how to do this, upload your logo as it is and our graphics team will be in touch to discuss colour print with you.

Still stuck? Send a quick email and our sales team will arrange for a digital proof to be sent to you via email. Alternatively, type a message on webchat or give our office a quick call and one of the team will talk you through it.


I’ve missed off my logo, can I send it in after completing my online order?

All our online orders go to our graphics or sales team to be checked before sending your order to production, so if you’ve missed something, please get in touch with our sales team or email as soon as with your order number and your logo so one of the team can arrange for your order to be amended. Once amended, please confirm it is ok and the team member will process it back to production.


What are the sizes of your festival wristbands and do you have a template?

Our festival wristbands are made from woven fabric and have a 15mm width. The length of the wristband depends on the closure used.

Secure Metal Closure: 350mm

Plastic Closure: 245mm

Templates: Click Here


I ordered lanyards but didn’t receive any pass holders?

Lanyards can be plain or customised and pass holders can be portrait or landscape. Due to the various options for both products, lanyards and pass holders are sold separately, so ordering one will not automatically include the other.


There’s a box on my online wristband design to indicate where I should put my text/logo, will this print on the wristband?

No. Any boxes/outlines on the online designer are purely there to indicate the print area and will not print on the final product.


Do you do other closures for the fabric bands other than the ones advertised on your website?

Yes. The most common closures (sliding bead, secure metal and plastic clip) are included on the website, but we can supply fabric bands with plastic beads instead of metal or a slide-on secure plastic oval bead that does not move once secure.


What sizes are your lanyards?

All our lanyards are 900mm in length. Plain lanyards have a 12mm width, while custom lanyards both screen printed and dye-sublimated have a 15mm width. Other widths (20mm and 25mm) are available through the office. For more information or a quote on wider widths or shorter lengths, please contact the office here.


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