The Most Apt Wristbands for a Work Christmas Party

It’s not too early to discuss Christmas. Have you seen Twitter? Apparently, we have under 8 weeks until the big day. Scary, huh?

So, right now you’re either organising your work do or advertising your venue. Early prep is always best. It’s time then to start thinking about Christmas wristbands. Let’s start with, ‘Why do I need wristbands?’


Christmas Party wristbands work in two ways.

  1. They act as an access ticket or bar tab.
  2. They are a giveaway Christmas gift.

If your venue is holding more than one set of company dos, you need to be aware of every party and its members. Easiest option? Each company has their own wristband; either with their company name on or a sequential number / QR code which links to their company. Not only would these wristbands make it easier and quicker for staff to serve, but it helps security keep unwanted guests from gate-crashing.


Specific Purposes

If you’re thinking of offering prepaid packages for customers (i.e. a drinks package where each member of the company receives a number of free drinks) then you will need to think of ways to:

  1. Monitor how many drinks each guest has ordered on the package
  2. Separate these guests from others at the venue.

As the party is a single night event, issuing out tyvek wristbands will be your best and cheapest option. For special package deals, allocate the tabbed vinyl wristbands. Switching up colours and materials is a quick and easy way for staff to notice an immediate difference.

Keepsake wristbands are different. The wristbands will need to be worn more than once and should be removable if the wearer wishes to take the band off. Silicone and fabric wristbands are your choice for reusable gifts. Opt for lurex yarn to bring Christmas cheer.


Print & Designs

Cheap and quickly distributed designs are tyvek wristbands with black print only. Full colour tyvek has the same turnaround, but pricing will differ. See our tyvek range or contact the office for pricing.

Vinyl orders are quicker through our website, with black print only for your designs. Full colour has a slightly longer turnaround and is only available through the office, so contact us for a quote.

Silicone is available online (1 print colour / ink colour only) or through the office. Prices will vary slightly and turnaround times are 2-3 weeks from payment and artwork approval.

Fabric wristbands are woven only online. Each design can include up to 8 colours, including the band colour itself. If unsure whether your design can be woven, contact the office via email.


Keeping Things Simple

Christmas may seem out of reach, but it’s not when it comes to orders. Getting your wristbands in is like going Christmas shopping. The longer you leave it, the less options you have to choose from. No one likes a last minute gift.

We also know that ordering wristbands is not always a one person task, so make sure to contact us early with enquiries. Our team will be happy to help answer all your questions, discuss wristband ranges, designs and materials with you, to make sure your order is smooth and stress free.


‘Tis the season to be jolly after all.