The Importance of Raise Awareness Wristbands

Life is full of struggle. It’s annoying how hectic it is one minute and how boringly dull it is the next. And it’s not just the pace that gets me – I’ve been looking at awareness events in October to carry on the post theme we have going on. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe the events that are going on over the next month. (Sloth Awareness, anyone?) Chocolate Week? (I wouldn’t mind that one). Then again (World Obesity Day) maybe not.


Looking through the events in October is pretty scary to be honest with you.

For example:

ADHD Awareness – yep, know someone with ADHD

Stoptober – yep, know someone who smokes

Backcare Awareness – you’re seeing a pattern here

Mental Health Day – is most days

World Obesity Day – is everyday


5 awareness days and I’m one out of billions. Doesn’t that start to put things into perspective? I can see why people personally or business and charities globally address these days.


How relieving would it be to tell the individual who stares at a young family member when they keep touching everything on the shop shelf after I’ve told them to stop a dozen times that actually, they’re not a ‘bad’ person or that I’m unable to ‘control’ them, but they have ADHD and cannot concentrate unless medicated?


Wouldn’t it be nice if someone didn’t tutt as my family member walked dreadfully slow down the stairs in front of them because they knew they had degenerative disc disease and their back could spasm and lock at any second, leading their legs to give way and they’d fall down the stairs?


I can understand how something so simple as a wristband can help others. As much as I’d like to believe in the mentality of ‘who gives a-’ we’re all human. Comments, opinions and judgement from others do affect our thoughts, feelings and ultimately our health.


Raise Awareness Events, however small, all make a difference. Providing people with knowledge helps develop understanding. Pac Wristbands can produce awareness wristbands specific to you and your cause. Whether you are an individual who’d like to raise awareness for a specific/personal cause, or a business looking to support a raise awareness event, the sales team at Pac will help explain your options from Tyvek event bands to silicone charity wristbands. Contact the team here or email your enquiry to the sales office. Or have a look at our website and design your own wristband.