The 5 Most Popular Uses for Silicone Bands in Schools

From emergency contact bands to allergy awareness, take a look at the most popular uses for silicone bands in schools.

Allergy Awareness

Often printed red silicone bands, these wristbands can have detailed text reading, ‘I have an allergy, ask me about it…’ to a simple word, ‘Allergy’. The most popular colour for these bands is red. Being the colour of danger or warning, these bright bands can be used to raise awareness during dinner times, trips, fates and discos.

School Dinner Bands

Handy when you have a queue of hungry children all waiting for their school dinners. Silicone bands of different colours and designs are an easy and quick way of sorting and dishing school dinners to children, without the fuss. For more details, check out our post on school dinner bands here.

School Party Bands

Who says school parties are lame? We supply glow in the dark silicone bands that are perfect for school discos. So, whether you have a school concert or showcase coming up, or prom for the older children, glow in the dark silicone bands are a fun, cool accessory that will literally light up your evening.

School Merchandise

There is little that can’t be printed on a silicone band, which makes them perfect for advertising your school to potential pupils and parents. Whether you hand out silicone bands as souvenirs to future pupils on open days or sell silicone bands at your next school fate, or fair, these handy little accessories are being showcased all around your local area, which means parents and fellow children can see and hear word of your school without the cost and stress of educational reviews and inspections.

School Trip Emergency Contact Bands

Visiting new places and experiencing new things are great ways of learning, but it also means children and staff have to be alert and aware of their group and surroundings. For those adventures outside the classroom, keep your class safe with handy little silicone bands with your school name and contact number in case anyone should lose their group.


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