The 5 Most Common Uses for Fabric Wristbands

Fabric wristbands are a great product with several purposes from festival wristbands to merchandise concert wristbands. We have compiled a list of the most common uses for fabric wristbands.


1 Festivals

It’s always best to start a list with the obvious. Fabric wristbands have been used for festivals for years, with various creations and adaptions to the bands over this time to improve the safety and satisfaction of festivalgoers worldwide.

Used as entry bands, fabric festival wristbands are generally woven with either a barcode or RFID tag for extra security. The latter allows festivalgoers to make cashless purchases throughout their weekend, lightening their pockets without the fear of losing cash, and saving queue times with the loss of exchanging hands.

With several secure closures available, festival organisers can rest assure that their event will have their customers safety at heart.


2 Functions & Parties

Fabric wristbands are not just for festivals. Little events like family birthdays, baby showers or Christmas work functions are also a great time to use fabric wristbands, either as entry bands or themed accessories. The best part of ordering fabric wristbands is the fact that there are little restrictions and everything is included in the cost. So as long as your woven wristbands include up to 8 colours (including the band itself), you can order as many designs are you like and the cost price will stay the same!

For sparkles and brightness, woven wristbands can feature lurex or UV yarn – brilliant for special birthdays, Christmas parties and New Year’s celebrations.

For tips when ordering your fabric wristbands, click here.


3 Fundraising

While we’ve mentioned how fabric wristbands are commonly used for festivals and functions, another purpose for fabric wristbands has increased over the years, in the form of raising awareness for charities, start-ups and many more.

Wristbands are great merchandise for fundraising purposes. While their colourful designs are attractive to young wearers, the longevity and comfort of the band means it can be worn by all ages for a long period of time.


4 Education

The use of fabric wristbands in education, both higher and primary, are endless. While we don’t necessarily think of fabric wristbands when we picture school functions, these handy wrist accessories help control crowds, provide colourful keepsakes for young people and merchandise for school fairs and fates.

Primary Schools like to choose fabric wristbands for their summer fates, discos or leavers fair for year six children as the fabric bands can feature their logos, contacts, and school colours.

For Secondary and High Schoolers, fabric wristbands make a great entry band to proms, school concerts and open days. While it seems trivial to include such a small item, wristbands play an important part in representing the school, providing student safety and keepsakes from showcases, concerts or trips. They highlight pupils in crowded areas and alert security and staff should groups become separated.

Colleges and Universities use fabric wristbands for their Freshers Week. Representing the university and individual events, these bands act as a collective item, a symbol of belonging to a society or social group. For student bars, fabric wristbands are used as an entry band much like clubs and venues with designs on the band indicating age restrictions and possibly QR or RFID cards that link to the school system. The benefits of RFID tags, student information can be provided at a tap of the wrist, allowing security and bar stuff to monitor the amount of alcohol students are consuming and incidentally monitor the safety of their customers.


5 Weddings

A brilliant addition to the big day, fabric wristbands have become increasingly popular at wedding functions, from wedding favours to bridal parties. What started as a necessity to festival themed weddings, fabric wristbands have rapidly become a must in providing family and wedding guests keepsakes from the happy day. While it began with woven fabric, dye-sublimated fabric wristbands have gradually caught on with their silky satin material fitting in with the formalwear, and with their ability to feature images, gradients and unlimited colour, we can see why these bands are becoming a fast favourite with couples.

Bride Tribe and stag wristbands are also popular today with event businesses offering wedding boxes including reception and party favours.


Types of Fabric Bands:
Woven c/w closures
Dye-Sublimated c/w closures
Lurex Yarn (Glitter woven yarn)
UV Yarn (woven)



Types of Closures:
Plastic Clip (secure)
Secure Metal Closure (secure)
Sliding Metal Bead (removable)
Others (contact office)


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