St George’s Day Wristbands

Just because it’s not a bank holiday, doesn’t mean St George’s Day should be dismissed.


St George’s Day is often a weekend event, falling around the 23rd April. While it’s not the all-singing-all-dancing extravaganza our fellow St Patrick’s Day is, St George’s Day does have a big impact on charity fundraisers and local businesses.


St George’s Day Events

  • Fun Day
  • Sports Day
  • Fair
  • Spring Markets
  • Fundraisers


St George’s Day Wristbands

If you’re organising / hosting a St George’s Day event, keep reading to find ideas and wristband recommendations that’ll ensure your event goes off without a hitch.


Entry Wristbands

If your event requires an entry fee or is capped, entry wristbands are your best friend. Since St George’s Day is likely to be a single day event or 2 day weekender at most, we recommend opting for tyvek wristbands. Tyvek wristbands are a strong paper-like material and can be printed either in black only or in full colour. To keep in with the colour scheme, you can even print on red and white striped bands. Sequential numbering* is also available for bag drop purposes, number caps, and security.


Tyvek Colours

  • Red
  • White
  • Red & White Stripes


Keepsake Wristbands

Thinking of hosting an event on St George’s Day for charity or business promotion? Usually these events are free to enter, so keepsake wristbands would work best. Keepsake wristbands for charity events or fun days are often silicone wristbands. Silicone – better known as rubber – wristbands are soft, easy to get on and off, and have three different customisation options. Colours for customised silicone bands and designs are matched to the closest colour of a pantone code provided for by you. For something extra special in theme with the day, opt for segmented or marbled red and white bands or have the England flag printed on your wristbands.


Silicone Band Colours

  • Solid Red or White
  • Segmented* (half & half) Red & White
  • Marbled* Red & White


Production Times
  • Tyvek is same day (if ordered before 3pm with Special Delivery & dependent on quantity)
  • Silicone is 2-3 working weeks from payment and artwork approval

Make sure you check your timelines in advance before purchasing any products. If unsure, contact our office on one of the links below.


*All products marked are not available on our website, but will need to be ordered through the sales office. Pricing will vary, depending on the full enquiry. To contact us, click on the links below:

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