Spring Fever: Wedding Wristbands

We love a good wedding. We love a good wedding wristband even more.



Every wedding is different. Therefore, every wedding wristband order is unique. Even if you have the exact same colour scheme, the wristbands will be completely different. This is because every bride and groom’s wedding theme, input and outlook for their wedding is subject to them. No two couples think alike.


Inspiration & Design

Designing a wedding wristband starts with a theme. Below are just a few we have come across.


Festival Themes:

Festival weddings are a popular design theme for wristbands; purely because they remind couples of ‘old times’ or times spent together in a joyous environment. The idea of guests enjoying themselves resonates in the festival theme and brings that infectious happiness to the couple’s wedding.

One couple had the Download Festival Dog logo on their wedding wristbands. The design featured the same colour scheme as Download Festival and even had a mock barcode on it to replicate festival entry wristbands.


Love Themes:

Hearts, horseshoes, cupid arrows and flowers are traditional wedding graphics. Love hearts and cupid’s arrows are typically used for hen party wristbands because they are generic images, which are understood worldwide. We can therefore produce standard bachelorette wristbands that are not personalised to a specific couple.

Floral designs are also a popular theme. Colourful but soft, floral designs bring out the intimacy of the event. This is because flowers are a connotation of love and romance.


Location Themes:

Who doesn’t dream of a beach wedding? Okay, perhaps you prefer a forest wedding? A winter wedding then? A country wedding?

Fine, I give up. You get the point.

Location is a huge factor in your wedding. The venue holds everything else together. All the little pieces are catered around the venue. Location themes are great then for wristbands. A beach wedding couple might like light blues, greens and possibly cream colours for their wedding wristbands. A few seashells and starfish among fancy script. The possibilities for location themes are endless.


Colour & Sparkle

There are no set rules when it comes to wedding colour schemes. Every wedding is different and each couple will have a different vision of how they want their wedding to look and feel. Wristbands are an extension of that vision.



A church wedding for example may have a classic colour scheme. Blush pinks. Champagne, ivory or cream. White. Light gold or silver.


Glitter Sparkle:

Expanding on light gold and silver is glitter gold and glitter silver. Lurex yarn is available for custom woven fabric designs. Available in various colours. Contact the team for a price.


Neon Disco:

Want a party themed wedding? Add a splash of UV yarn to your woven design and have guests glow across the dance floor.



Design & Order Your Wedding Wristbands Here:

Every wedding wristband is different. At PAC, we produce your wristbands with your design. You can either design them yourself using our Online Designer Tool or fill out our Web Form and we will provide a proof for you.


Need to Know More?

How to design your wedding wristband: Here

All artwork guidelines and templates can be found on our website: Here

Contact the office for dye-sublimated, lurex or UV designs: Email