Sports Events & Live Performances


End of Lockdown 2: Sports Events & Live Performances

It has now been announced that, after our second national lockdown ends on 2nd December, sports events and live performances can resume with limited numbers. All events suppliers, ourselves included, will no doubt welcome this news after what has been a very difficult year.

While elite sport has continued behind closed doors during the lockdown, grassroots and amateur sport has been halted since 5 November.

From 2 December, outdoor sports can resume, while spectators will be allowed to return in limited numbers. Some organised indoor sports can also resume.

In the lowest risk areas, a maximum of 50% occupancy of a stadium, or 4,000 fans – whichever is smaller – will be allowed to return. In tier two, that drops to 2,000 fans or 50% capacity, whichever is smaller.

In tier three, fans will continue to be barred from grounds.

In tiers one and two, business events can also resume inside and outside with tight capacity limits and social distancing, as can indoor performances in theatres and concert halls, the government’s plan says.


At Pac Wristbands we have been working with our clients to produce various wristbands that can assist with crowd control for events and health & safety :

  • Colour coded tyvek and vinyl wristbands to separate access to certain venue areas for groups of spectators, controlling numbers and improving social distancing
  • Social distancing silicone wristbands – with reminders to social distance printed on them
  • Numbered tyvek wristbands – to easily control the number of spectators accessing an event venue as any time
  • Vinyl wristbands for repeated entry to venues for production crews and staff
  • Lanyards for venue workers and security staff
  • Fabric wristbands for festival style crowd control

All of our products can be designed and ordered online or by contacting us via to discuss your requirements.

We like many hope that as we approach 2021, events can begin to resume safely and the UK can once again enjoy the wealth of talent within our arts, entertainment and sports industries.

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