Sports Day Silicone Wristbands

Arranging various classes into teams via colour, number or house can be a difficult task. Why not make things easier with silicone sports day wristbands?

Grouping Teams

Keep things cheap and cheerful with plain colour silicone wristbands direct from our stock. Prices start from 10p and can be delivered next day if ordered early.

Number Up

Why not add numbers to your colours? Sequential numbering is available in debossed bands, with or without colour fill.


Awarding Your Pupils

A huge part of sports day is taking part, but let’s not forget the competitive nature of the event. Reward winners with gold, silver and bronze silicone bands; all of which customised to say your congratulatory message.

Why not reward all your pupils for taking part with gift silicone bands, marking the day and their participation? With our wristband online designer or sales team, you can create fun and innovative bands that will make the day memorable for your pupils.


Merchandising Your School

After school silicone bands which highlight your sports event? Why not create your own sports day merchandise band with your school colours and logo? You can even feature the date of the event for those keepsake bands and with nursery, youth and adult sizes available, you can cater to every family member.


Want to enjoy that outdoor feeling?

Silicone merchandise bands aren’t the only wristbands to advertise your school this summer. Why not go for a festival feel with fabric wristbands? Designs can include up to 8 colours and there are a number of closures available for your target audience. Let our team know your enquiry.


With sports day wristbands you can manage, merchandise and reward your pupils this summer.