Silicone Party Wristbands

How to use Silicone Wristbands for your Baby Shower


We recently posted how Tyvek wristbands are useful in decorating your baby shower venue and providing substance for your guessing games, and now we want to share with you how silicone wristbands can be useful for your baby shower.


Baby showers vary in every country, with every generation and individual. Did you know once you’ve had your first baby shower your second and beyond are called Baby Sprinkles? Yep, Sprinkle. The idea is that you’ve already ‘showered’ the expectant mother with gifts and that in turn means this time you are to ‘sprinkle’ her with gifts. (In basic terms: you don’t have to go all out on your pressie second time around!)


It’s not just the guests who provide presents, but many showers and sprinkles provide goodie-bags as a little thank you for coming and celebrating this joyous event. Though appreciation bags are a brilliant idea, it can sometimes be hard to think of fillers.


Silicone wristbands are a great gift to slip into baby shower / sprinkle goodie-bags. Plus, customisation options are endless, which means you can design your goodie-bands to match your theme or the gender of your baby.


Themed silicone bands can feature graphics such as balloons or a baby’s dummy. Depending on the detailing, animals are a familiar and popular graphic on event wristbands for children. For intricate designs, printed silicone wristbands are better, though most images can be debossed (with or without colour fill).


If you’re keeping your little one’s gender a surprise, you could choose to go for a neutral yellow, or you could segment pink and blue colours across your band. It’s not just standard yellows, blues and pinks, you can choose a pantone colour and we will match it. Don’t want all your wristbands the same colour?


Mix and match your silicone bands, with some blues and some pinks, and put your own message on them. As these are for goodie-bags, you could have printed, debossed, or debossed and colour filled silicone bands, thanking guests for coming. Why not make it extra special with the date and venue on the bands to mark your day?


Unlike baby showers, which typically feature women only, baby sprinkles tend to have a wide variety of guests, including the dad-to-be and his friends. Young children and teenagers are usually present also, which means various wristband sizes may need to be ordered. Don’t panic. Silicone wristbands come in youth and adult sizes, so everyone can have a customised wristband. Plus, silicone wristbands can also be customised in nursery sizes, so tiny ones get to join the fun too.


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