Shoutout to the Earpers

With over 3,500 wristbands split across 6 designs, EarpBands has a strong following online and is one of our most interesting clients. Here’s why.


The First Order

I’ll confess, when I received an online fabric order with the hashtag #Earper on it, the phrase held no relevance to me. The design was simple; a rainbow themed word on a plain black background. If the design spoke anything to me, it was to indicate that the event was possibly for LGBTQ+ communities. Little did I know then, how important these wristbands would be to their receiver and their customers.

This revolution came exactly 20 days later, when I received another order for the exact same bands. Another 500 pieces, resulting in 1000 wristbands sold out within a couple of months. It was this information that told us that this particular wristband meant something more than a hashtag.

A little research later and a new follower on our social platforms and Pac was introduced to @EarpBands.


Growing up I have always wanted to have my own business in some way, from trying to sell old clothes and items to babysitting in the local area. – Ashleigh Boden.



EarpBands is an online store for Wynonna Earp fanfare merchandise; created and run by Ashleigh Boden since 2019. The online collection features a wide range of Wynonna Earp themed wristbands, buttons, prints and stickers; all of which Boden sells, along with her Start the Wave campaign products to help the environment.


Goals, Start the Wave & Out is the New In

In 2019, Wynonna Earp cast member, Dominique Provost-Chalky founded Start The Wave; a non-profit organisation encouraging individuals to find a way to create positive change. Teaming up, Boden placed her forth order with us for her Start The Wave wristbands, which she would sell and donate 80% of the profit to Saving Grace NC.

Boden’s support for worldwide causes would continue to grow with her next wristband design which came in this March and will be available to buy on her website in April. #OutIsTheNewIn


On March 24th, the founder of Start The Wave came out as Queer online to celebrate her 30th Birthday. This inspired me to spread the positivity and create a new pride wristband in honour of Dominique. This design reads, #Out Is The New InEach wristband sold will have 50% of it’s total donated directly to Start The Wave for them to put into making the world a better place.  – Ashleigh Boden


Future Plans

Since teaming up with Start the Wave, Boden has donated $1000 to Saving Grace, NC. The most popular item was the blue Start The Wave wristbands, which sold over 100 in only 3 months. Since then, the # Out Is The New In Wristbands sold 170 wristbands within the first 7 days of pre-order and has raised $600 directly for Start The Wave.


Moving forward, I want to continue to spread happiness and positivity throughout the world and start to branch out from the Wynonna Earp Fandom. I want to reach more people and raise awareness of important issues such as equality, LGBTQ, women’s rights and the environment. – Ashleigh Boden


Boden’s next adventure will see her in Germany this August as a vender at Peacemaker. For more information on the wristbands we have produced for EarpBands and the rest of her products, check out her website, here.


Here’s to EarpBands and the future production of more Earper wristband products.