Sequentially Numbered Wristbands

Using sequentially numbered wristbands for an event?


You can add sequential numbers to all our wristbands. See how below.


Tyvek Wristbands

They’re cheap, easy to assemble and they’re secure. Tyvek wristbands are our most popular and cheapest wristband. Print is either in black or in full colour. Sequential numbers are often big and bold to match the design. Sequentially numbered tyvek wristbands are great for sports day events, charity / fundraiser runs and bag drop tokens.


Vinyl Wristbands

Sequential numbering can feature on all our vinyl wristband types.

Unlike the big and bold numbers on tyvek wristbands, sequential numbers on vinyl wristbands are placed at the edge of the strap, away from the print area design. The distance keeps the print area free for your design. Sequential numbers on vinyl are standard black print.


Silicone Wristbands

Sequential numbers on silicone wristbands are lasered into the wristband and can be filled with ink or left plain. If you’ve filled in your sequential numbers, select the debossed and ink fill customisation type for your overall design to keep costs down. You can then fill in your debossed design in the same colour used for your numbers.

Don’t want a debossed design? Does your artwork have to be printed?

Keep your design printed. (This will not affect your lasered numbering.) Pricing will vary so contact the office for a quote.


Fabric Wristbands

Both woven and dye-sublimated fabrics can feature sequential numbers. Contact our sales team for more information.


Colouring Sequential Numbers

  • Numbers on tyvek & vinyl wristbands are black ink only
  • Silicone numbers can be with or without ink fill. Ink can be any colour.
  • The same yarn used for the band is used for sequential numbers on woven fabric
  • Dye-Sub fabric numbers can be any colour


Not sure about something?

Contact our sales office by phone, email or webform and one of our team will get back to you.