RFID Summer Wristbands

All inclusive. It’s the ultimate phrase we jet setters love to hear when booking up our holidays. You’ve spent months working; now it’s time to relax.

Holidays are meant to be stress-free, though we all know they’re mostly the opposite. First, there’s the packing; the locking up and the dreaded feeling you get when you’re convinced you’ve forgotten something. Then there’s the drive or ride on public transport to the airport; not to mention the amount of people you have to contend with once you get there: Mobbed duty-free, packed out cafes and a queue the length of a runway for the toilets. And the most frustrating part about the above is we know this is going to happen; we even accept it.

What we’re most concerned about is the main bulk of our holiday… the what happens when we get there? bit. The care packages… The holiday resorts… The hotel accommodation… The quality entertainment… The delicious food… The worth of our money.


Wristbands have been around for years. Who didn’t visit the seaside adventure park and was the proud wearer of a Tyvek wristband? It was the highlight of our childhood summers.

Now, it’s holidays abroad or beach resorts. Though, they still use wristbands.

Access control is a major operation for holiday resorts and hotels. How do you tell the full boarders from the half boarders? How do you monitor bar tabs?

It’s the same for holiday-goers. Who wants to carry a bag of essentials when everything is on your wrist? Forget carrying the kitchen sink, RFID bands are linked to the resorts system, allowing access to rooms, onsite facilities, storage and attractions, and if programmed to, these handy chips will store photos as well as expenses.


RFID wristbands are becoming increasingly popular with festivals using them to prevent copycat bands and allowing festivalgoers to experience a fun weekend without worrying about cash and tickets. RFID cards are programmed to the individual wearer which is how they can be used for cashless purchases and store limited photos. They speed up queue times and clear out lost and found boxes.


Hard to lose a room key when it is on your wrist; can’t exactly forget cash or plastic as you lift your hand to collect your purchase…


Available in silicone bands or threaded through fabric wristbands, RFID tags are essential to providing you or your guests the ultimate holiday experience.