Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Light up Guy Fawkes night with glow in the dark wristbands and lanyards


In June we posted about our new glow in the dark lanyards and what better use for them than Firework Night where safety and fun are two of the most important factors when hosting an evening event.


Safety Matters


Event Organisers

Make sure your staff are visible with glow in the dark lanyards as well as their high-vis clothing, with clear security wording and passes. Our lanyards are designed to accommodate your business uniform and come with one standard clip and safety break. For printed passes, we can print your design for all areas; whether that’s VIP holders or AAA badges. For design tips and prices, please email the office.


Family and Groups

If you’re travelling to a firework display this November in a large group or with family, why not invest in glow in the dark lanyards for your leader or the whole group? Custom your text on the lanyard to read the name of the group and emergency contact if needed.




Glow in the dark wristbands are most often silicone wristbands and come in a variety of colours. To view further information regarding our glow in the dark silicone wristbands, please click here.

The above being said, we do supply UV fabric wristbands which are woven designs created by you. Our UV yarns come in various colours from pink to yellow and are a fun accessory that keeps in touch with the outdoor events that are often associated with festivals and concerts in the park. Engaging for children and excellent for emergency contact wristbands, access control and keepsake wristbands, UV fabric wristbands are compatible for all the family.

Wristband closures are standard: metal closure, plastic clip or sliding silver bead. To mix it up, ask the sales team what other choices of closures there are and what colours are available. One of our team will be happy to assist you through designing your artwork, placing an order and arranging delivery.


Light ‘em up this November with our glow in the dark range.

More information is available from our sales team and contact can be made here. For immediate responses, please chat with us on our website.