Red Wristbands for Red Nose Day

With Red Nose Day coming up, it’s got me thinking about red wristbands. Being a primary colour, red is available in all of our wristband ranges, from standard tyvek to custom red shades on fabric and silicone.


Different wristbands = Different Reds.



1” – Red

1” Stripes – Red and pink, red and yellow, red and white

¾” Stripes – Red and white, red and blue



Straight – Red

Wide-Face – Red, Glitter Red, Burgundy

Tabbed – Red


Silicone & Fabric

Standard – PMS 485C

Custom – choose any pantone colour you’d like and we will produce the closest pantone match.


Are you wearing red for Red Nose Day or have an event coming up with red colour scheme?

Ordering wristbands and lanyards with a specific colour in mind is quick and easy. Either use our online designer or contact the office. Colours can be selected using our online designer option which offers our standard colours or create your own by using pantone colour codes. For the latter, make sure you let us know which pantone colour code you’ve chosen so we can make sure we produce the closest match to your shade.