Raise Awareness Wristbands #StandUpToBullying


We support The Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Campaign. Do you?


A wristband with meaning:

We here at Pac support The Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Campaign with our wristbands for Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, conveying the importance of social care in the name of Diana, Princess of Wales.


A Message from PAC:

Stand up to bullying applies to everyone, not just the person being bullied, but the people who witness, participate or ignore the act. Bullying comes in all forms; whether it be verbal, online, physical or indirect, the effects are the same.

In a society where mental and physical health is at the forefront of our concerns, having the freedom to express yourself and not feel judged by that expression, should be available to all.

We are proud to supply The Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Ambassador wristbands.



The Anti-Bullying Campaign:

The Diana Award is a charity legacy to Diana, Princess of Wales’ belief that young people have the power to change the world. The Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Campaign aims to encourage, empower and engage young people to become the best they can be by providing mentoring programs in schools to help those who feel bullied and prevent it from happening to others.

The hardest task for a bullied recipient is opening up about their ordeal, with findings showcasing 74% would tell a friend, 57% an adult and 47% a school official. Though these figures are gradually increasing, bullying does not stop after school with studies suggesting around 35% of 11-17year olds have experienced some form of cyberbullying during their lives.

Cyberbullying is a result of social media growth, where young people are exposed to bullying without the face to face recognition of who is saying these negative things about them, which can increase the risks of experiencing anxiety and depression in later life. By providing resources and training in schools and youth organisations, The Anti-Bullying Campaign can mentor students at an age when they are at their most vulnerable, with peer pressure, self-confidence and social acceptance affected by social influences, to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.


The Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying wristbands are keepsake bands made from silicone and fabric, and are not just for ambassadors, but for all those who wish to support The Anti-Bullying Campaign.


#StandUpToBullying We are all different, but together we are the same.