Prom Wristbands

One of the most iconic events in a teenager’s life is Prom Night.


It connotates freedom as this is essentially the last time they will have to spend time in the present company. No more school. No more homework. No more rules. Prom is ideally seen as a marker point at the end of a journey that many teenagers felt should have ended a long time ago.


With an excuse to don a tux or splash out on an expensive gown one will probably never wear again, Prom (or Leavers Ball as it is known in the UK) is a major affair in the events industry. While it is a night that ties up five years of their life for the students, it is an occasion which requires extensive planning for others.


The theme of your prom is an important factor as it dictates the venue and the mood. Often restricted by budget, your venue needs to be able to cater for over 100 people, provide a disco and a designated space for photographs. Basically, a prom is a mini wedding. Photographers. Catering. Disco. Formal dress code. Everything minus the ceremony and alcohol.


If you are planning on using a hired hall, building or barn (we’re in Suffolk, it happens) that is hosting more than one event, then you will need wristbands to distinguish your school from other parties.


While there are other methods which could be used to identify parties in a group setting, wristbands are the ideal choice due to their subtlety. Wristbands will sit on the wrist of their wearer without interfering with their formalwear. Colour clashes are less likely to happen or if are, the noticeability of such is minor compared to other controlled management accessories. Though this does seem unimportant to most, a majority of students will plan their evening attire in advance and adapt their usual style to the formal dress code due to the nature and importance of the event.


As the event will not exceed the designated night, single-use wristbands are often used to highlight the student party against other guests. The wristband of popular choice is the traditional Tyvek wristband, as the bands are inexpensive, available in printed large quantities and are the quickest wristband to be produced and delivered. These wristbands are often used in large venues, such as adventure parks and resorts, due to their secure self-adhesive fastening, which cannot be removed without obvious tampering.


Ordering Tyvek wristbands is easy as they come in one size, a handful of colours and are boxed and delivered the next working day after your order has been paid. Unless you’re planning your prom to be in a waterpark, Tyvek wristbands are a great choice. The recyclable wristbands can be secured quickly and come in a litter free option which means less queue time as your students enter the venue and no mess.


A second favourite entry / venue wristband are vinyl bands. These wristbands are used for the same purpose as the Tyvek wristband, but are a stronger material and are water resistant for any excitable student who accidently spills a drink. These wristbands are available in a range of colours including neon and holographic to give your ball a party feel.


Wanting something less traditional and more unique?


Fabric wristbands have become a phenomenon among young people and are extremely popular outside of their ‘festival’ area, for events such as birthdays, weddings and school fairs. For prom fabric wristbands, the designs are endless.

Lurex yarn adds a little sparkle to your wristband with glitter. Use lurex yarn for your wristband base colour with a plain design, a plain colour with lurex design, or glitter the whole lot in lurex yarn.

For gradients and intricate designs that feature more than eight colours, ask our team about dye-sublimated fabric wristband. A satin type material and smoother than the woven, these fabric wristbands will compliment all garments.


Whatever wristbands you do/don’t choose, we wish school leavers a good time at their prom and best wishes on their future endeavours.