Perfectly Plain Wristbands

Sometimes it pays to strip things back.


Ordering plain Tyvek wristbands is not unusual nor is it boring, it’s practical. Buying unprinted wristbands is a great way to save money and be economical in your purchasing. Think about it, plain paper wristbands are unbranded, undated and can easily be written on. There’s also the plus that they’re cheap.

So ok, you’d have to write on the wristband yourself… Is that really such a big deal? Not when you look at it in the long run.

Unit prices for unprinted Tyvek wristbands are based on the overall quantity of wristbands you’re ordering, so you can potentially purchase several different band colours and it won’t cost you anything more. (Tip: use the different wristband colours as your system code rather than pay for printed text on them to separate the different purposes of the wristbands.)

The same pricing method applies to other wristband ranges, such as, plain vinyl, plain silicone and plain fabric. All of which can be written on* should you wish to. Of course, ordering plain wristbands doesn’t appeal to everyone, but for large quantities they offer a quick and simple solution. Deliveries on all plain wristband orders are dispatched on the same day as purchase. **

Ordering plain wristbands is a no brainer. So, what are you waiting for?


To request more information on pricing, please contact the office by telephone, email or webform.


*While permanent marker pens will work on all of our wristband products, please note exposure to liquids, chemical based products and general wear and tear, will affect handwritten designs on the wristbands.
**Orders must be placed and paid before 3pm (latest) in order to achieve same day dispatch. (Also, stock dependent).