Wristbands Can Help to Boost Business

There’s no doubt that every successful business needs to promote itself and raise its profile effectively. Once the corporate message has been honed and refined, made appealing and easy to understand, the most important thing is to get that message out there in a memorable way. You’ve got to stick in the minds of your customers and, perhaps even more crucially, be the ‘go-to thought’ for potential customers.

Marketing takes many forms, but nothing reminds clients like something they’re wearing!

Can wristbands help my business?
Wristbands are colourful, easy to wear and fashionable, especially with young people. Whilst they are an eye catching trend statement, they have the advantage of being able to carry a message. You could be enigmatic and stick to a logo, inspiring intrigue, or more direct, for instance your web address. Maybe company name and phone number – however you like to do business.

How do I get my wristbands out there?
There are loads of options! Here are a few:

• Why not send out wristbands with your orders instead of compliment slips (which inevitably end up in the bin). Most customers will think twice before chucking something that looks like quality, unlike a piece of paper. The key is to give your client a product they will actually use! Plus, according to the The British Promotional Merchandise Association Promotional Products invoke loyalty in over three times as many recipients as the effects of the mediums of Print, Web, Direct Mail, TV.

• Amongst your staff, there are bound to be loads of local connections. Maybe someone is on the local primary school’s parent board, and if that school has a fete or sports day, it’s an ideal chance to sponsor that event, handing out wristbands as well – the kids will love them!

• You could sponsor a charity event, or, if an employee is participating in a fun run say, sponsor them and dish out wristbands saying so – to all their sponsors.

• Simply hand them out. Maybe you run an upcoming, new restaurant. Instead of mints with coffee, why not trendy wristbands saying ‘I loved dining @ ….’

• Get creative, the options are endless.

Could wristbands be the future?
Absolutely! Everybody wants an easier life, so, in the future, more daily hassles will become ‘one swipe’ operations, without the need to carry an expensive mobile device. You’ve probably already seen digital watches and exercise training aids in unobtrusive, colourful silicone wristbands. It’s easy to embed a microchip into a silicone wristband, which could hold your train ticket details, payment details, security clearance – whatever you like. So people will become increasingly used to wearing them – get your business promotion in early!