New Year’s Eve Party Wristbands

The countdown is on for NYE wristbands. 4 weeks until it’s the 31st. Are you ready?


Since it’s only the beginning of December, you may be wondering why we are posting about New Year’s Eve and we’ll explain,

Custom fabric and silicone wristbands can take up to 3 weeks to produce depending on the number of wristbands you require. Usually, fabric and silicone wristbands are produced well within the 2-week mark, but with cold weather conditions and the lead up to Christmas possibly affecting courier services, the earlier the order is placed, the easier and less stress it is to complete.


The 3 C’s for Fabric and Silicone Wristbands



A great advantage to custom fabric and silicone wristbands are their use of colour. While woven fabric wristbands can have 8 colours in one design, custom silicone bands can be colour matched to the closest pantone for both band and design. To take advantage of colourful designs, contact our team via email with your ideas and we can create and send a design through for you.



Fabric’s fabric, right? Wrong. Fabric wristbands can be woven polyester or dye-sublimated satin wristbands. Both materials have their pros and cons.


Is the most popular customisation type; used for festivals and concerts. Woven wristbands can be made from lurex or UV yarn. The premium extras offer a sparkle or glow effect that are extremely sort after for arena concerts, parties and weddings.


A smoother, finer alternative to the woven fabric, dye-sub bands are satin like and are not limited to a number of colours in their designs. Perfect for detailed and intricately designed wristbands, these wristbands are often used for weddings.


Silicone bands aren’t made from a different material like our fabric wristbands, but they can have different design methods.


Designs are printed onto the band and as such, this method is best for intricate designs.


Designs are carved into the bands.

Debossed & Colour Filled:

Designs are carved into the bands and then filled in with coloured ink.



Just looking at the above demonstrates how many choices are available when it comes to ordering fabric and silicone wristbands, and they are just the beginning. Custom silicone sizes, widths and glow in the dark options are available through the office along with different closure types for fabric wristbands.


For more information on our fabric and silicone wristbands, please check out our website. For bespoke silicone sizes and fabric closures, please contact the office.